Grand Teton National Park – Moose-Wilson and Grosse Ventre Roads

After completing the Teton Park Road, we continued into Jackson Hole and stopped for some McDonalds. The day was getting really hot and we had Jack with us so we needed some quick food and then continued on our way. At the visitors center we had learned the Moose-Wilson road would be closed for repairs the following week so decided we wanted to drive it while it was still open. Part of the road is in the National Park (and there is an entrance gate) and part of it goes past Teton Village, which I had been wanting to see anyways.

My favorite part of the road was actually at the northern end where there was a huge lake that moose like to feed in. I would love to see a fully antlered moose and if I lived nearer I would definitely come and hang out here in the early mornings to see if I could see one.

Continuing our attempt to stay on the lesser traveled roads and avoid the crowds we made our way to Antelope Flats and the Mormon Row historic district. Back in the 1890s Mormon settlers established the community of Grovont which at one time had 27 homesteads. Although most of it is abandoned we were surprised that several people were still living there. We also loved the two beautiful barns in this area. We spent a ton of time taking our own version of these iconic pictures

This was my favorite of mine

After Mormon Row we headed onto Grosse- Ventre Rd traveling past the small town of Kelly along the way. It is always interesting to me when small towns are within the borders of National Parks although I don’t really understand how that works. Grosse-Ventre road actually leaves the park and goes into the Bridger-Teton National Forest. We didn’t go very far because the road gets a little rough and it was at the end of a long day, but the mountain and river views we did see were terrific.

It had been a really long day but a very satisfying one and we were both happy we had had such beautiful weather for our first time in Tetons.

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