Going To The Sun Road

Tuesday turned out to be a beautiful day, with blue skies and white puffy clouds.  When we saw the weather we immediately changed our plans and decided to drive the Going to the Sun Road again.  Wow was this the right decision as with the weather we got some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken.  I will say this.  Once before you die you should be on this road.  It is like nothing I have ever seen and if you’re not comfortable driving it, they have multiple car tours that will drive it for you.  Plus we had a very close encounter with a bear cub that was amazing.  Just the perfect day, but I am definitely going to let these pictures speak for me. Oh and Deb asked me to make the pictures bigger.  I may give that a try on some of these …let me know what you think.

Y005 Y009

As we were going up towards Logan’s Pass a short line of cars was stopped.  There was a bear cub walking on the wall and people were trying to give it space but it was incredibly narrow and there was nowhere to go.  I was particularly impressed by the motorcyclist who backed up as far as they good.  Finally the bear went over the wall and I got some great shots of it with the telephoto lens.  Very cool!!

Motorcyclist backing up

Motorcyclist backing up

Bear on the wall

Bear on the wall

Y047 Y052








We got some great shots of vistas that were partially obscured the last time we came. It’s definitely worth doing this on more than one day and make sure you drive it both ways as the views change with the light and atmospheric conditions.

Loved this rock, looks like an ice cream scoop carved it out

Loved this rock, looks like an ice cream scoop carved it out

Nice shot of one of the glacier's

Nice shot of one of the glacier’s















Y088 Y102



















The waterfalls were running because we had some rain

The waterfalls were running because we had some rain








The parking lot at Logan’s Pass was too full to stop so we drove right past it to a pull off and Lee found us this great place to eat right by a waterfall.

Y173 Y168

Y220 Y212














After lunch we were in uncharted territory and headed down into East Glacier.  I was surprised by how different the landscape looked and although I think I enjoyed the views in West Glacier more, East Glacier has more hiking trails that go to the glaciers and more bear activity, but more about that in later posts.

Y230 Y231


Great waterfall right off the road where Steve got wet :) Love his adventuresome spirit

Great waterfall right off the road where Steve got wet 🙂 Love his adventuresome spirit

Y282 Y284

Y285 Y340


Great views of the sunlight glinting off the glacier














We enjoyed the ride and took the road all the way to the end.  On the way we saw our first fire damage, which we found out later had happened about a month ago.  It was good to see the forest coming back, but sad to see so much damage.  The water in the background is St. Mary’s lake and is absolutely beautiful.

Y345 Y346

Y355 Y371



At the end of the road we checked out the campground we would be staying at starting Wednesday.   When we got there we were told because of high bear activity they had closed our loop and we would need to move to C.  There were only 4 spaces that would accommodate our Open Range or Deb and Steve’s Montana, but we found ones that worked (again more on that later).  We also discovered absolutely no ATT, so we had no data for several days which is why this post is so delayed. I’ve been taking pictures like mad though, and if you’ve been reading for a while I am sure you know I hate to get this far behind, so I will playing catch-up as we travel to Susanville, California for Lee’s first Work Kamping job.   Anyways, it was an absolutely fantastic day and we were all so glad we took advantage of it because the weather was never this nice again.  They actually got some snow in Logan’s pass and closed it for two days the following week, so my best advice is whatever you have planned, rearrange it and spend the nicest day on the Going to The Sun Road.  You won’t regret it.


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