Delaware County Fair

I love county fairs. And when I say that I mean old-school, 4H driven county fairs. I don’t mind the rides and games, and the fair food is definitely fun, but the major draw for me is looking at all of the cool 4H exhibits. So when I saw the fair agenda was packed with 4H events I was in. We also decided to go first thing in the morning which turned out to be a great thing. There was lots of activity around the 4H barns and we beat most of the heat that came later in the day. The animals and people were bustling about and I really loved seeing all the activity. We even got their early enough to watch the fair opening ceremony which included a flag raising and 21 gun salute.

I am not much of a people watcher when there are animals about, but watching all the healthy and excited young people was great. Who doesn’t love watching kids show off their prize llamas, or little kids with wader boots scooping out stalls? For me its some of the best of Americana and I wish all kids got an opportunity to participate in these types of events and not just the ones that live in rural areas.

Plus its somewhat interactive as its OK to touch some of the animals. It’s important to be careful with this and not just go poking at another person’s animal, but sometimes its OK and Lee got some up close and personal time with a couple of goats. That sounded weird the way I typed it but you know what I mean!

It’s not all about the animals though as there were also buildings with crafts, crops, and we even got to see a kids table setting competition. I remember being bored to tears by these exhibits as a young kid but now that I am older I really enjoy them. If we ever decide to settle somewhere I told Lee it has to have a good county fair and maybe I will enter some of the competitions myself.

Kids area
This best beginner cake was amazing. Looked so much like a watermelon.
Adults area

My favorite part of the adult area was the quilts. There were some beauties and I loved how they were displayed.

In addition to the craft booths the fair had some vendors. I enjoyed walking through these and we bought several kids books from one stall. I also loved the Tupperware booth (they have their own pressure cooker now) but didn’t really need anything. Nice to see they are still in business though.

Most county fairs have something unique to the region and in the case of Delaware county it’s harness racing. There is a permanent race track and facility on the fairgrounds and the last night of the fair they hold the Little Brown Jug Race which is akin to the Kentucky Derby in harness racing circles. Lee and I spent some time watching the horses warm up, but it was getting too hot to stay for long.

And of course it wouldn’t be a fair without rides, games, and food. Lee and I have been really watching our diets and to be honest none of it looked good to us. We are air frying everything at home now and oil fried food just tastes too greasy. It was fun though to see all the different types of food, but when it was time to eat we decided eating that in the hot sun wasn’t for us. Instead we took a final walk around the facilities and left before the crowds got too heavy. Loved every minute of it though and so glad we decided to go early!

Love me some Smoky the Bear

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