#Baby Breakout

One of the coolest things about being a grandma is grabbing your grandchild and having a day of adventure.  Unfortunately we don’t have a back seat in our truck so in order to take the baby we needed to borrow Kyrston and Jeremy’s car.  Since it is a new one, they weren’t crazy about that idea (I get it), but finally one morning they both agreed to let us take Oliver out just us. Needless to say Lee and I were super excited!!  We decided to go to the Children’s Museum downtown and scheduled the first available timed slot.  In order to control crowd size all the slots were prescheduled and we were happy to get a slot.

Grandpa pushing the stroller.

In a pre-covid world this would be packed on a Saturday but barely anywhere there

The Children’s Museum has five large rooms (each themed) and a terrific toddler area.  We allowed him to roam the place at will although we ended up spending most of our 2 hour window in the toddler zone.

Grandpa can science

Pirate Ship!!!

I loved the grocery area but unfortunately the bins were a little high for Oliver

The tool center had lots of cool tools

And a 3D printer

Lee got VERY excited about the theater area

I loved the paint area

Especially the table with toddler seats

We painted a picture

The toddler area was the best


He loved this Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit food playset so much I bought him one of his own

After the children’s museum we decided to get Oliver a pair of big boy shoes.  I knew Kyrston wanted to get them so decided to take that task off her plate.  I have to say I miss Payless because we went to three different places before we finally found the pair we wanted.  He was super patient with the whole process though and he loves his light up Paw Patrol shoes. 

Watching him watch his feet light up was amazing

And last but not least we had to get McDonald’s.  Our first Happy meal and a great way to cap off the morning!!!

Absolutely fantastic grandma and grandpa morning and we loved every minute of it!!

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