First ATV Ride

We have an incredibly diverse group of friends that we started our RV journey with and I often wonder what keeps us so tightly knit.  We are all different ages, from different soci-economic backgrounds, have different political views, and are from all different parts of the country.  To be honest there are times when those differences can cause some friction, but never enough that our friendships don’t transcend.  I wonder though what is at the core that binds us.  We definitely have the shared experience of starting this lifestyle together, but I have something similar with people I graduated high school with and don’t feel nearly as close to most of them.  We all share a love of the outdoors and adventure.  That certainly is bonding, but again I have met tons of people in this lifestyle with similar interests that I don’t feel as close to.  What I realized this week is what really makes this group special is its generosity of spirit.

We look out for each, we care about each, and on a base level we trust each other.  Why I mention it now is this became crystal clear to me when Guy offered us his ATV for the day.  We haven’t seen Guy and Sue in over three years.  Sure we keep up on Facebook, and we get updates from our friends who have seen them, but we have not physically been in the same place.  But when we got together, it was like no time had passed and we picked up right where we left off.  Sue made us dinner and Guy took Lee for a buggy ride, insisting that he drive.  More than insisting actually when Lee was being a little too cautious on a big hill and Guy pushed him into taking it.

Those types of experiences we have come to expect with RV friends, but what happened next we weren’t expecting.  At the end of the ride, Guy handed Lee the keys and said he should take me for a ride the next evening while we were at dinner.  The trust and generosity inherent in that act was really special.  Even more so because the experience was exactly;y what we needed.  If you have been reading, you know Lee and I have been through a lot the last few weeks, and this time with just the two of us out in nature was extremely important. It helped us reconnect to each other and to the reason we live this lifestyle, which was especially important to me.  So thank you Guy for giving us this experience, and I know you were just being you but thanks anyways. Here’s the pictures.

The entrance to the ATV trails is right behind the RV park so no need to go on the road. You do need a permit though.

I was ready to go, but a little nervous.

The view right past the gate though was stunning and I knew it was going to be beautiful

I couldn’t get over how green it was. There was a lot of rain in February which led to this amazing greenery.

There were even a few places with standing water.

And the cows were certainly happy

One interesting thing about the grass was that in certain light it was all green and in other light it had this reddish tint.

There are no road signs of any kind on the trails, but thankfully Lee has an excellent sense of direction.

The little patches of flowers really stood out.

We arrived at our first destination which was to see some petroglyphs. this is also a common campsite for people who want to stay overnight.

The flowers climbing the hill were beautiful

And right around the corner were some petroglyphs.

Life finds a way.

Next we crossed some ranch gates so we could see some vistas.  The land is used by ranchers who share the trails with ATVers.  It’s important that the gates are closed behind you which means a lot of jumping in and out in some spaces.

all the gates were different

Some were just barbed wire

The only gate we found open the entire drive was close to this range rover who I am guessing didn’t get out to shut the gate behind them.

Beside the Range Rover we only saw one other ATV the entire trip.  We started around 4pm (happy hour for most people) which seemed a good time to go.  We did have to be very careful about the time though, because once it gets dark it is VERY difficult to find your way back.

Long stretches of road on the plateau, but I wouldn’t let Lee goes as fast as he wanted. Too bouncy!!

The sky went on forever.

There were also several beautiful rock formations that were part of the Superstition Mountains.  I could have taken pictures all day.

And of course the amazing Saguaro cacti.  There were some absolute monsters ones and so beautiful.  The Saguaron desert is by far my favorite, mainly because of those beautiful cacti.

You can see me in the picture to get a feeling for the scale. Amazing.

This was Lee’s favorite.

When we reached this campsite, we decided to turn back. I didn’t want to take any chance of getting caught in the dark.

Time for a selfie though. You can see we were both really happy.

It was good we did because we ended up on some parallel trails, but Lee used the cell tower to navigate (as advised by Guy) and we made it back in time.

Just getting dark as we were pulling up to the gate.

It was a wonderful trip, but I will say it was a bit like scuba diving for me.  I scuba dive because that’s how you get to see the fish and the coral, but am not a dive for the sake of diving person.  Lee on the other hand just loves to dive and feels the same way about the ATV.  He had a blast just driving it and the scenery was a bonus.  He kept it pretty tame for me though (and also because it was on loan) and I was able to take this short video.  Not too bad if I do say so myself, and gives you a good idea of what it is like if you have never been.  Definitely an experience everyone should have at least once!


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