February 2020 Budget

This was another hefty month with $6450 in expenses.  The bulk of that was from medical bills and a five year facelift we are giving the RV.  More details are shown below.


Dining Out – We did much better in February only going over by $68.  I’ll take that anytime, especially in comparison to January.

Gifts – We went over a little bit but we also had $0 in campground fees.  When “mooch docking” we try and buy gifts for our hosts to at least cover the electric portion we are spending.  Some of this was also a present for Oliver.

Healthcare –  These bills were the trailing bills from when Lee had an issue with his shoulder in December, and had to get an MRI.  He also had to get a crown which was $584 out of pocket.  We used to use our HSA account for these types of things and I never reported them but after the heart attack the HSA account was wiped out.   I finally got my HSA account rolling with my new job, but in the short term we will continue to pay these things out of pocket. I think it is a good thing to show though, because it’s real life.  $2K in one month would have been a huge deal if I wasn’t working.

Home Expenses – We went over $1300 in this category but it was for a good cause!  Lee is just finishing up a major renovation and I can’t wait to show you in the next post.  It was definitely worth it!!!

Postage – We spent a hefty $138 in this category this month for two main reasons.  We have been collecting all of our W2s and we needed to get and then return our ballots.  In all cases we paid extra for expedited shipping which adds up quick.

Clothing – We were under budget in this category and the $88 was a new pair of Asic G series tennis shoes.  I am a HUGE fan of this brand since they saved my feet at Amazon and the same pair has lasted all this time.  I knew I needed a new pair and they are NOT cheap, but I was thrilled to discover an outlet store close to us.  Kelly came with me and we ended up taking advantage of a buy one pair get a second pair 80% off deal and we both got new sneakers.  These shoes are great and I highly recommend you try them.  It’s like a hug for your feet!


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