It’s a Small World

So if you were thinking It’s a Small World is my all time favorite ride from any park, anywhere you would be absolutely right. The Disneyland version was incredibly well done and brought back all my nostalgic feelings from childhood. I don’t just love this ride because of its place in my child’s heart, but still love it because of the message it represents. I truly believe that every child should have a chance to ride this ride and if it were possible it would have an incredibly impact on world peace. What it says is despite our differences we are all Earth’s children and our similarities are much greater than our differences.

Sappy yes, but who cares. The message is worth remembering. I love it so much I asked Lee to take all the pictures and he did a decent job despite the lighting. for all you fellow lovers of It’s a Small World, here are the pics.

I like how they have added some Disney characters in the different lands, but my absolute favorite part is when everyone is mixed together and wearing white at the end. That’s the best.

So great and for those who have never seen it I wish the pictures were better. It truly is magical in person. Just look at this reaction.

Brings out the little kid in everyone!! I don’t know what else to say except I truly love this ride and what it represents.

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4 thoughts on “It’s a Small World

  1. Lol, I got stuck in there once, the boats stopped moving for some reason farther up the line. The song gets a little old after half an hour

  2. Oh that song brings a smile to my face! We took our young teen daughter to Disney World in the mid-90’s, that was the first ride we rode and Dale whistled or hummed the song numerous times during our one week Orlando vacation, our daughter did NOT want to hear that song again for years! We still all laugh over that, such fun memories of our Mickey Mania vacation.

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