Replacing closet doors… sort of

There are many things I like about our RV, but our closet doors are not two of them. First of all they are mirrored and heavy and they are constantly coming off the track. And as cool as I thought the mirrors were initially, they just add to the weight and at some point in the last few years they developed a serious crack (in each one!) from too much flexing.

So when Lee asked me if I wanted to replace them my answer was only if you can find a solid wood alternative. So Lee being the guy he is spent hours on different occasions trying to track some down. It looked online like there was a wooden version but ultimately Lee discovered they would not fit our specific model. At that point I decided to look for other solutions and went on Pinterest (a great resource for RV mods) to see what folks with similar issues are doing.

After a lot of research (not as much as Lee) I decided to try one of the cheaper solutions and go with a cloth shower curtain. Since its a narrow hallway it seemed like a cool and inexpensive idea so Lee and I started our search for the perfect one. Eventually we ordered two different ones (one he liked and one I liked) and together the cost was less than $50. We tried them both but mine eventually won and this was what it looked like spread out on the bed.

Initially Lee thought he would try a shower rod but after putting it in he discovered the rings showed and it didn’t move freely.

Since he is always in pursuit of perfection he decided to take the rod out and put in a track, similar to what separates beds in a hospital, which works great!

After the curtain hung for a little while the creases all came out and I really like it. It’s like having a big picture in that part of the room and most importantly it is super easy to open!

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5 thoughts on “Replacing closet doors… sort of

  1. Love the “wall art” look. Can’t complain about the weight loss by losing the doors. We took out the front closet doors(55lbs wood, track, hardware and glass) and put in a crafting/work space complete with a “den” for Josie(net weight added about 75lbs). Still have hanging closet space in our “dressing area” between bdrm and bath room. Works for us. Glad yours works for you too! We took out the shower doors too (60lbs all in) and replaced it with a shower curtain which we find much easier to clean and maintain and gives a bit of extra room in the shower when you bump into it, it at least gives. Safe travels.

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