Greystone Manor

As we were exploring the Beverly Hills area, Lee wanted to stop at Greystone manor because MANY TV shows and films have used this location. Turns out this estate was built for the son of an oil baron Ned Doheny and his wife and was completed in 1928. In February of 1929 there was a tragic murder/suicide involving Ned and his assistant Hugh Plunkett but no one knows for sure who killed who. Lucy continued to live in the home until 1955 and then sold it to Henry Crown who rented it out to movie studios. Eventually the city of Beverly Hills purchased the property and it was dedicated as a city park in 1971. In true Beverly Hills style this is some park with beautiful gardens and a gorgeous home.

When I saw the list of TV shows and movies I got particularly excited by General Hospital. My Mom grew up watching that show and so did I and the famous Luck and Laura wedding scenes were shot there. The gardens were really beautiful.

There are tons of rules (no pets etc) for the property but it is totally free and definitely worth the visit. It has multiple levels of stairs, great views of the city, and nice clean restrooms.

The house itself was beautiful but not open normally to the public. We were lucky though and when we went the first time saw they were offering open tours of the first floor for $10 on another day and Lee bought tickets and we returned to take the store. The inside was really great and despite not being furnished had tons of interesting features original features to look at.

Aside from the bathrooms, my absolute favorite was the three kitchens. They had a Butlers pantry, main kitchen, and a baking room. You don’t usually get to see kitchens like this when visiting old houses and I always find them fascinating. This house had 55 rooms so that’s a lot of guests to feed when it’s full.

The last thing we saw was the theater/bowling alley which was right below the kids rooms. They had a movie playing which talked about the history of the manor and it was pretty well done.

It’s a beautiful place to spend some time, although I will caution you there are lots of stairs! Still highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

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2 thoughts on “Greystone Manor

  1. Great pictures. I started watching General Hospital 50 years ago and still watch to this day. I remember the wedding of Luke and Laura. I have enjoyed all of your post in California.

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