New Job, Still Sick, and Striking A Balance

Let me back up a little bit. After Thanksgiving an old boss of mine reached out and said he knew of a job I might be perfect for. It was the same company, but in the Global Products division working on supply chain processes. I have wanted for years to work in international supply chain, but it’s tough to break in if you don’t have specific supply chain experience, but in this case the recommendation of my old boss and three really good interviews won me the job.

The position is a huge step up for me both financially and in responsibility, but I had been restless for a while and Lee encouraged me throughout the process. The new job was starting Dec 27th, right when I got back from vacation, and we both knew I would need to focus on it for awhile. To be clear I don’t ever want to go back to the job always taking precedence over life, but I was clear about the fact I would need a little time to get my feet under me. I have a lot to learn in this new environment.

And everything would have been totally fine because we had the bulk of things we wanted to do scheduled during the 10 day vacation. Then I got sick and everything went to Hell. A surprising amount of the things on our list actually can’t be done on the weekends (studio tours for example are only Mon – Friday) and Lee has several friends in the area we had to cancel plans to meet with again all during the work week. It was frustrating for both of us and although I strongly encouraged him to just go ahead and go without me, he didn’t want to. So time is slipping away and things are getting pushed off the list.

We drove down to the Los Angeles Rams football stadium and then because it was a really clear day we went to see the Hollywood sign. Both things mattered to me and we got to check a couple things off the list.

I have to guess it was so clear (ie: no smog) because less holiday traffic, but these were the first days we got clear views of the LA skyline.

Lastly because of the clear views we wanted to see the Hollywood Sign. There is a park where you can see the sign but Lee had done his research and wanted to drive up to the end of the residential street where you could get the closest to it. We weren’t the only ones with the idea, but we drove up the twisty turny road and somehow found a parking space and then had to walk roughly 1/4 mile up hill to the views. We were so close (and with Lee’s word in my head) I got my ass out of the truck and started walking, which turned out to be ok just took me a while. The view did give me goosebumps though and we got some great pictures.

We didn’t expect the road to the viewing point to be blocked up but as I said we got lucky and found a place to park. I will say there are no bathrooms or facilities of any kind up there and I feel really bad for the people who live there because it is a steady stream of traffic. I wonder how many of these homes have been turned into rentals because frankly it can’t be pleasant.

Finally we got our pictures and I did feel better than I looked in them. I was definitely done for the day though so afterwards we headed home.

Like I said it was very cool being that close but I needed a break for the day. The next few days I started my new job but thankfully my new boss was mostly out on vacation and I could take my time and pace myself. It took the full three days until I felt even remotely in good shape but the last day we went to the doctor and I am infection free!!! Thankfully I had the next four days off for New Years (holidays fell weird this year but it definitely worked to my benefit) and we will be trying to do something every day. The key is I need to pace myself and not over do it and we are in the process of trying to reschedule as much as we can for evenings and weekends. Some things (like the Warner Bros Studio Tour) Lee is just going to have to do alone but at least one of us gets to do it.

I have days off I could take but am not comfortable taking them until I get a handle on this new job and show my boss a little of what I have got. I’ll do the best I can to find some balance and hopefully we can salvage some of this trip for both of us. The one good piece of news is we don’t have anywhere we absolutely have to be until end of April. If we can find a place to stay here (no small feat) we could theoretically stay indefinitely. Just have to see how it goes.

Oh and one last thing. For those of you waiting on the annual budget it will absolutely get done, but at this point I have no idea when. For obvious reasons that is falling to the bottom of the list, but I promise eventually I will get it done.

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5 thoughts on “New Job, Still Sick, and Striking A Balance

  1. I grew up in SoCal, and from experience I can tell you that often around Christmastime the winds shift from the Ocean to the Desert, coming from the east. Sometimes this creates Santana winds (or Santa Anas as they are sometimes called) But those winds blow out the smog. They are my favorite thing and I remember the smells and the views from my grandmother’s property in Sierra Madre Canyon northeast of Pasadena, all the way to Catalina Island. A suggestion: If you are going to spend any time in the LA area, don’t miss exploring Pasadena a bit. If you like Craftsman homes, Bungalow Heaven is the best around, and the Gamble House and the Pasadena Museum of History are treasures. Growing up in “LA” which describes so much more than the city, was a good thing in the 50’s. There is so much there to see. I hope you get some time to see it, and that you are feeling better by the time I read your blog this morning.

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