Eating Our Way Through Las Vegas

My main reason for coming to Las Vegas was so I could meet my Mom. She has a time share in Las Vegas and it was a good place for us to meet up. Lee wanted to fly back and see his Mom (and get his annual physical) and Las Vegas is a great place to fly out of. So Lee left and Mom flew in so it was nice that we had some one on one time.

I should start by saying my Mom is 75 but she is in great shape. She wanted to walk the strip and see all the changes to the casinos and over the next few days we did exactly that. We went 5 miles one day and 6 miles the next and I have to admit I was pretty pooped out. Still it was nice to see all the changes and since we picked a great restaurant everyday, walking helped keep the pounds off. Here are some pictures.

I had a list of restaurants I wanted to try, but since I was trying to be reasonable about costs we chose places that had a lunch menu. This helped keep costs down and since we shared our choices we got to try some pretty cool things. Most of the meals were really great although a couple were disappointing. First we ate at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and we shared a fixed price meal with French Onion Soup, Beef Wellington, and yummy desert. The ambiance was great and the service was also really good.

Another day we ate at Border Grill and that was probably the most disappointing meal. My quesadilla was so soggy I couldn’t eat it but they did take it off my bill. I was super disappointed because this restaurant had been on my list for awhile but I wouldn’t go back. I did get to go to Lush in Mandalay Bay though and buy some face cream which was nice.

While we were walking around we also did tons of window shopping and I was on the lookout for a new pair of sunglasses. I looked at pairs as much as $300 but eventually settled on a $40 pair from a little kiosk. It’s all about the fit for me and since I have a small face large sunglasses just look goofy. It was fun having something to look for though and it gave us an excuse to go into a lot of shops. I would have to say the Caesar Forum shops are my personal favorite.

On Mom’s birthday we had a really special day. I bought us pedicures at the Venetian Canyon Spa (which included access to their VERY nice spa area for the day) and we had lunch at Emeril’s Delmonico Steakhouse. The Emeril meal was one of the top 5 meals I have had in my life and very reasonably priced at $50 for a three course lunch. The service was also outstanding and the popover rolls were to die for. Seriously if you can afford one meal in Vegas I recommend this restaurant highly.

Another day we ate at Yardbird which was also very good and then had a buffet at MGM. I have to say of all our meals the buffet was the worst and I would not recommend it. Rather I would eat in the Italian Market at Park MGM which looked absolutely delicious. Park MGM is also non smoking which is a rare find on the Las Vegas strip.

Our last meal of the week was our one and only evening meal. We both wanted to try Martha Stewarts new restaurant and although the decor was awesome (based on her farmhouse) the food was incredibly pricey and not that great. The only exception was the bread basket we paid $14 that was worth every penny. Personally I wouldn’t come back.

The bread basket was a work of art and delicious

As of this writing Mom is home and Lee is back so we are headed to Joshua Tree. I am “citied” out and glad to be back in a more remote area plus a new National Park for us to explore.

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5 thoughts on “Eating Our Way Through Las Vegas

  1. Sounds like you all had great visits!! Snx good! Hope Lee got the Thumbd Up. Enjoy Joshua Tree. Ic you want I can give you the coords to Heart Rock. It’s not far off an easy trail tgst you’ll want to walk in anyway. It’s not on a map either but easy to get to.

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