First Time at Beaver Dam State Park

Our next state park visit was to Beaver Dam. According to the state park map Beaver Dam was on a loop going off of 319. I thought it would be fun to drive the whole loop so we turned on 319 and headed that way.

The road started off pretty decent but then it really disintegrated and before we knew it we were in the middle of Dixie National Forest on a deeply rutted forest road. It was bizarre how isolated we were and there were odd signs of former habitation in the National Forest. There was also a huge boondocking area with several RV’s (right across the border into Utah) that appeared to have been there for awhile. There was zero cell service so we just followed our GPS and breathed a sigh of elief when we finally saw a sign to Beaver Dam.

We finally reached the State Park entrance and I was shocked by how narrow and steep the entry was. There were NO signs warning that big rigs might have trouble but there definitely should have been. I would never take a larger rig down this road and even if you did there were only a few camp sites that would fit the RVs. There is also no ATT cell service down in the campground and it is a pretty wild place.

I know these pictures might not look that bad so I got out and took one of the steep drop off on the side of the road. Gave me a little vertigo. It didn’t help that the sides of the road were crumbling in places and we turned one corner and there was a large boulder in the road itself.

Mostly this area has four wheeler roads but there is a trailhead for Waterfall Trail at the very edge of the park I wanted to see. Unfortunately the signage is pretty terrible and we made a right instead of a left at the trail entrance and ended up at the edge of the park. A neighbors cow had broken through the fence and Jack was very excited as he chased it around a little.

Thankfully we stumbled across the right entrance across the creek and learned that this was a favorite trail of the Civilian Conservation Corps because there are hot springs along it. We walked for a while but I got pretty nervous because it wasn’t well marked and eventually we turned back around without seeing the springs. Still it was nice to get out and stretch our legs a little and Jack had a great time.

To be honest this was my least favorite of all the parks we visited and it really bugged me they didn’t have any warning signs for RVers. Still the ride back on Beaver Dam Road was MUCH more pleasant and we were lucky enough to see a herd of wild horses along the way. Lee got some great closeup shots of them.

Next up exploring the slot canyons with Steve and Deb and Steve celebrates a special day

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2 thoughts on “First Time at Beaver Dam State Park

  1. It does look pretty isolated. Sometimes those isolated looking solar panels are used for irrigation on ranch land. Great pics of the horses. Too bad the trail was poorly marked and you couldn’t get to the springs.

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