Great Basin – Snake Creek Rd

Great Basin is one of those National Parks where the main road actually covers very little of the park. We wanted to see some of the lesser explored areas so we went to the main Visitors Center and asked a park ranger what they recommended. The “dotted line” roads on the maps are always a mixed bag (especially because we don’t have four wheel drive), and we make a point to ask a ranger what they recommend before driving on them.

Snake Creek Road goes into the middle of the park

Before we went to Snake Creek Rd we stopped in the small (and I mean tiny) town of Baker. It is the tiniest little town but has an Inn and a food truck stand.

After Baker we drove a little bit more eastward and then turned on Snake Creek Rd. This road is a graded dirt road that goes into the National Forest. There are actually two entrances, we turned at the first one with a sign that says Fish Rearing Station. The road was really good and once we entered Great Basin National Park we saw some gorgeous campsites. They are not big rig friendly but so nice and clean and along the creek.

For the 100th anniversary I think the park got a refresh because the Pit Toilets all seemed brand new. We also saw an historic outhouse which said these campsites have been in use since the 1930’s. VERY cool.

Jack had a blast

The road eventually dead-ends into a trailhead but again we had Jack with us and didn’t take a hike. Great Basin doesn’t have a lot of rules but no pets on trails is one of them. The foliage was absolutely gorgeous though and we probably spent two hours exploring this 12 mile stretch of road. Totally worth the drive. Again I can’t say enough about the fall foliage and absolutely recommend visiting this park in October.

Next up we explore some Nevada State Parks and meet up with our friends Deb and Steve.

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