The Alpine Loop, Sundance, and Park City

On Saturday, before we left Salt Lake, I was excited to take a drive up into the mountains. This area is famous for its ski towns and beautiful environment and we definitely wanted to experience it. Plus we hit the area at the perfect time for fall colors which was really exciting. We miss the New England fall weather and this was a great chance to see some Aspens in full foliage.

The Alpine Loop is essentially a big circle but we added a trip to Park City as well.

As soon as we got into the hills it was really pretty and right after we entered the Unita National Forest there was a fee station. If you drive through it is free but if you want to hike or climb there is a cost. We bypassed the fee station and headed right in. The road is extremely well maintained but it is narrow. There are lots of little pullouts but at 9:30am on a Saturday most of those were full. We did find a few places to pull over though and got some really great pictures.

Jack had plenty to sniff

A little truck porn

When we got to the end of the Alpine Loop we knew we were near the Sundance Resort but the GPS couldn’t find it. We ended up going up back roads by beautiful houses but just couldn’t see the entrance to the resort. Finally, through sheer luck, we stumbled across the entrance and the parking lot was already pretty full. The Sundance resort is where the Sundance film festival is held (along with Park City) and in the summer and fall they have ski lift tours of the mountains. We had Jack with us so we gave it a pass but I was still glad we got to see the outside of it.

A couple miles from there on 189 was Bridal Veil Falls. This site has a huge parking lot area, great bike and hiking paths and the falls themselves were majestic. We walked around a bit (I would love to see it in the spring) but headed out because it was pretty crowded. I totally get why on such a beautiful day so many people would be out in nature but people were somewhat aggressive. Lots bikes and walkers in big groups that were in the middle of the path. It’s hard to protect Jack in those situations even if I keep him close.

Would love to see this at full volume

Even though it was a longish drive I really wanted to see Park City because it is an Olympic town and many Olympic skiers train there. We love seeing Former Olympic sites in our travels and Park City was pretty cool. As a general rule I am not a huge fan of ski towns because they are narrow and hilly so we didn’t get out and walk but we did get to drive through and see the various Olympic emblems.

All in all the surrounding area is gorgeous and Salt Lake itself has a lot to recommend it. Trying not to let a couple of bad service experiences (which frankly could happen anywhere) tarnish my visit. Next up we head to Grand Basin National Park and we are going to try out boondocking while I am working a remote job. That should be interesting đŸ™‚

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