Finishing up Yellowstone

It’s truly been a phenomenal summer here in Yellowstone, so much so that Lee has signed up to work next year at the camera store. Despite our marathon sightseeing days we left a surprising amount on the table and now that we have gotten the lay of the land I cant wait to come back in May. As a piece of advice if you can only come for a short stint I definitely recommend mid May/Early June. Yes, the weather is a little variable and the roads aren’t necessarily all open but the animal sightings were amazing and have steadily decreased as the season has gone on. Makes sense because the animals move to higher elevation when it gets hotter and away from the roads as it gets more crowded.

It’s a wonderful park anytime of the year and my new personal favorite National Park. Speaking of which we put together a route that will allow us to hopefully visit several more National Parks and see Los Angeles which is the only major US city I have never been to. Here is a map of our proposed winter travels.

Despite the map we are going to try things a little differently this time. We are not locking ourselves into any particular length of time at a location with the only exception being meeting my Mom in Las Vegas for her 75th birthday. Other than that we are going to stay in an area until we have seen what we want to see and then move on. Traveling this way is going to require a lot of communication with Lee and I so we will see how it goes. After 34 years of marriage you would think we would be better at that but traveling can be stressful at times 🙂

Totally worth it though and we are also going to try and do some boondocking as we travel. We are set up to boondock, but haven’t done it since I started working a corporate job again so it will be interesting to see what that looks like with me working all day. Plus we have the residential refrigerator now and aren’t sure how much battery power that will pull. It’s worth trying to try and keep costs down (and stay in remote places) so I am willing to give it a try.

It’s all very exciting and I am ready to get started on our grand adventure, but let me leave you with some of my favorite pictures from Yellowstone. I feel truly blessed that we were able to see all that we did this summer and look forward to making new memories in 2023.

Total dumb luck we were here for the 150th anniversary

Mammoth Terrace
The Tetons
Grand Prismatic

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did. Much more to come!

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5 thoughts on “Finishing up Yellowstone

  1. Your photos are incredible! Beautiful. I like your idea of staying stopped long enough to see all you want to see in an area. Hope to do that soon – our schedule has had us hopping along & we leave too much unseen. We are currently on our way back up to YNP to pick up our daughter who worked this historic season at Old Faithfull. She will travel with us a while. When she fully “launches” her adult life, we’ll travel slower I believe. LA was not a favorite of ours, but the LaBrea Tar Pits are definitely something to have on your bucket list. Very interesting place. Safe Travels!

    • Determining your travel pace is important. Almost everyone starts out as a faster pace than they eventually settle at. We like to mix it up once in awhile but in general do better staying in an area for at least two weeks

  2. Have loved following along with you in Yellowstone. We did stop into the camera store to say Hi to Lee. He was not working that day but we left him a note. We had a fantastic time working The Helping Hands program this year. We were at Grant Village and loved every minute of it. Amazing park with amazing employees. We also hope to return next year….so we will stop in again to say Hi to Lee. Enjoy your winter travels!

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