Cabin Creek Trail

In the hopes of seeing moose we also visited the Cabin Creek area in the National Forest. No luck with the moose but we did come across a really cool area. There is a NFS campground in the Cabin Creek area, but across the road from that there is also a day use area down Ghost Village road. A forest ranger told me about it and although we had a little trouble finding it (look for Day Use signs) once we did it was super cool.

The road goes along a beautiful river with mountains in the background. The area is called Ghost Village and we did see several shacks that had collapsed on themselves across the river. The road ends at a trail that goes into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness area and since bikes are allowed on the trail can’t wait to go back and explore a little further.

Unfortunately because of the lighting my pictures don’t come close to capturing the majesty of this area and it really felt like we were in the wild. After staying for a bit we went back across the street to try out the Cabin Creek Trail. The Forest Ranger in the Hebgen Lake Ranger District recommended the trail although she said the first couple of miles were the best part in her opinion. Unfortunately it got pretty hot pretty quick and the trail itself was VERY rugged. It was also multi purpose so between watching my footing, avoiding the steep drop off, and dancing around horse poop I felt like I had to watch my feet most of the time.

The path was also at a decent incline so between the heat and trail factors I only made it a mile or so before wanting to turn around. There were some nice views though and if you are a more expert hiker I am sure you would enjoy it. Deb this one is definitely for you!

Beautiful canyon
With all the berries and close growth I also felt pretty nervous about potential bear activities

All in all it was worth the drive just to see the road but again proceed at your own risk and be prepared. National Forest trails are generally not as well maintained as National Park trails and always come prepared!

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