Yellowstone -Lake Village and Natural Bridge

Yellowstone National Park is not very bike friendly, but there are a few trails to try so Lee and I took the bikes one morning to try a couple of the paths. Based on some information I got from a ranger, we decided to head out towards Lake Village. This was an area we had driven by several times, but it either wasn’t open or the timing wasn’t right. This day was bright and sunny though and the breeze coming off the lake was awesome.

Despite the directions I had we still couldn’t find the path, and ultimately stopped in the gift store to ask for directions. I think this is the last of the gift stores we hadn’t seen in the park and I really loved the old building with the nautical theme.

The people at the gift store were very nice but even they weren’t sure exactly where the bike path was so we took the bikes out and went on a search. Finally Lee found the trail which was a mile long and pretty overgrown. It was pretty though, with great views of the lake, but to be honest it was quite a bit of fuss for a small payout. We did stop on our way back though and went into the Lake Village hotel which is really beautiful. One of the newer hotels in the park it had nice views and I really liked its layout and proximity to the lake.

Our second bike ride wasn’t that far away and we were headed to the Natural Bridge. Again this was roughly a mile, but in this case I am glad we had our bikes. It was a beautiful ride through the forest ending in a nice view of the Natural bridge. We had just missed some marmots in the area, but we saw lots of ground squirrels and there were berry bushes galore.

We could have left our bikes at the base of the bridge and walked up a rocky path to the top, but neither of us was really feeling it. It was getting pretty hot and the terrain was pretty rough so instead we headed back out after taking our pics. We were both glad we gave the bikes a try but I have to say in general bike riding in the park itself was just ok. I will talk more about why we cant just throw the bikes in the back of the truck in my upcoming Lectric Bike review, but suffice it to say they require both of us to get them in and out of the truck, which is a bit of a hassle for a short ride.

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