Yellowstone – Moose Falls

My last post was about a well talked about area that was a bit of a disappointment but this one is all about a hidden gem. Moose Falls is the first thing you enter when coming into Yellowstone from the south entrance but it was only on our fourth trip past the area I even noticed the relatively small sign. Since we were headed in that direction I said I definitely wanted to stop and even knowing roughly where it was we almost passed it again.

There was a relatively small parking lot (with only one car in it) and the path was not immediately obvious. Since Jack needed a potty break anyway we decide to walk down it and came out at the top of a waterfall. From the top the view was pretty nice (including an old stone bridge) but it wasn’t until we walked down a very old stone carved path that the real magic happened.

View from the top
View downstream from the falls
Cool old stairs …I was glad I had my hiking boots on
And then voila

It was totally amazing and really like being in a fairy glade. We were the only ones there and there were no signs against anything. We could get into the water, we let the dog off leash, and the roar of the waterfall blocked out any road noises. I LOVED it!! So much that I am giving it its own blog post which I rarely do. Here’s the best of the many pictures.

Jack loved it
I loved it
And Lee loved it

Jack is Lee’s new favorite subject

It did start to get a little crowded at some point so we took off but I will definitely come back. I just kept saying how have we never heard of this place and Lee just shrugged as if to say who knows. I think my point is for every place that doesn’t live up to its press that are 2-3 that completely exceed them (if you can find them) which is what makes our National Parks such magical places.

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