Lee’s Gone and I Did Very Little

A couple of times a year as we travel Lee gets an opportunity to work a side gig and this time it was down in San Antonio. Sometimes it can be difficult to arrange it with existing employers, but in this case the owners of the Camera store were very understanding and worked out a schedule where his shifts were covered. It’s nice for both of us to get this kind of break, although usually we are someplace where I have family or friends around. This time it would be just Jack and I and I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with the time. I’m jumping ahead though, because right before Lee Left we took a drive out to Rainbow Point to see if we could see some moose.

There is a tendency for people to focus on Yellowstone itself, but the surrounding areas do provide opportunities for animal sightings. We even have a map which shows what kind of animals have been seen where and since a moose with antlers is at the top of my list we took a drive one evening.

Here’s the map I was working from wasn’t great but got us to the general area

Turns out there were tons of forest roads in this area and some beautiful views. We didn’t see any moose unfortunately but we did see a beautiful eagle.

There is also a pretty nice National Forest campground out on the point and at $28 for an electric site is a steal in this area. They are pretty wooded and remote but less than 10 minutes or so from the Yellowstone entrance. If you are ever looking for a cheap alternative for this area I would recommend it. Beautiful dock Day Use area.

The next day I took Lee to the Yellowstone Airport which is the smallest I personally have ever seen. So small that they actually drive peoples luggage out in a cart which again was a first for me. It was great for us though because it was a quick 10 minutes to drop Lee off and then Jack and I were on our own.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would do with the 10 days and I had a short list of activities and since I was already up I decided to check out the farmers market at Ennis. This is the best one I have been to in the area and I wanted to go back. Turns out this was a great choice because not only was the farmers market happening but also an arts and crafts festival and my absolute favorite a library book sale. It was a great start to the week and I cleaned up on books, some shorts from a wonderful local thrift store.

While I was out and about I learned that huckleberries were starting to come in and since I am a huge fan I decided to go look for some. I have to say this is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, huckleberry patches are closely guarded secrets and the general descriptions of where they might be were conflicting. Some websites said on southern facing slopes, others said in shade under trees, and others said in wide open sunny places. Even the pictures of the plants were different as the different varieties are different heights. The best piece of advice I saw was to drive down rarely traveled country roads and look so that’s what Jack and I did. We didn’t actually see any huckleberries but we did stumble across this really cool dam and waterfall.

My original plan was to go out a few more times and look for huckleberries but to be honest being on this remote roads with just me and Jack didn’t feel super safe. Cell coverage in the area can be iffy and ultimately I decided it just wasn’t worth the risk. Plus my work week was crazy intense and we got some bizarre rain/hail weather that didn’t encourage outside exploring. Mainly Jack and I just hunkered down for the week and I just relaxed. Its nice having the RV all to yourself sometimes and I watched lots of TV that Lee’s not that interested in. Lee was thinking of me though and I was shocked when on Friday a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived. Lee doesn’t send flowers very often and this was a gorgeous bouquet. So very sweet.

After a week of slacking I did want to get out on Sunday when the weather finally turned nice again. There was a Mountain Man festival here in town (think renaissance festival but with mountain men) and I drove over to take a look. There were lots of characters at this small festival and more fur than I think I have ever seen in my life. I wandered around a bit and saw everything but ultimately didn’t buy anything but a bottle of water.

Overall it was a decent week but it was nice to see Lee and get things back to normal. The main thing I learned was I’m not so great about getting out and doing things by myself despite being in a gorgeous area. I like sharing the experiences with someone and I am glad I have Lee to share them with.

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2 thoughts on “Lee’s Gone and I Did Very Little

  1. You are lucky to be up north this time of year. I would never encourage anyone to come to San Antonio in the summer. The weather is brutal!. However, if you get the change to come in the spring, fall, or even winter, please do. There is a lot to see and do in this area.

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