First Time in East Yellowstone

Despite the weather challenges and the flooding we have been lucky enough to explore all of the roads in Yellowstone National Park except for the stretch between Fishing Village and the east gate. This gate has been closed due to snow and flood several times during the season but the stars finally aligned and we were able to go explore it on one of my days off. It takes a long time to get over to that section of the park from West Yellowstone, but it was totally worth it.

Lee and I are constantly amazed by the variation in landscape different sections of this park offer. The east section was unlike anything we have seen so far and the views were spectacular. Le me show you a few.

Beautiful Yellowstone lake views with some geysers

We drove up to Lake Butte Overlook and this little road was fantastic. We let Jack run around and got some great pictures of the lake. There was a fire in this area at some point but the stark trees actually added to the beauty and the blue of the lake was amazing.

Next we started to climb up over Sylvan Pass (7% grade for 5 miles) and saw some gorgeous views. We also stopped and got some cool shots of a mountain goat or sheep?? I can never tell the difference when they don’t have the curly horns. It posed for me 🙂

We also found a great mountainside waterfall we could walk right up to. I love interactive waterfalls and this one was really nice.

Absolutely gorgeous and we drove all the way to the East gate which then goes into the Shoshone National Forest. That forest was so special I am saving that for another post but we did keep going all the way until Cody.

Beautiful small lake up on the pass
the East Gate

One other thing I wanted to mention though was I have been really disappointed with our eagle sightings but we saw three in one day!! One of them I managed to get a few shots off and although they were a bit blurry it was thrilling.

On the way back home we also took a different route and saw one black bear and a huge herd of elk (with babies) up near Canyon Village. The herd animals migrate to higher ground as it gets hotter and this Elk group was by far the largest we have seen.

Baby nursing. I didn’t know the little ones have spots like deer

It was another really nice day and I will cover the rest of it in my next post. Just super happy we were able to see every major road accessible area of the park.

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