Yellowstone – Thumb Basin and Brink of Upper Falls

This is a long one so you might want to grab a cup of coffee!

Now that the park is opened up we have been trying to see many of the sites we previously missed. On this particular day we left Jack at home and headed into the park to see Thumb Basin. This geyser area is right on the lake and is particularly cool because some of the geysers are actually under the lake water. Unfortunately the geysers are all pretty much dormant but I still really enjoyed the views.

The colors are really starting to pop. They are best in late July and early August as the sun encourages algae to grow

Some of the pools are draining right into the lake which makes for a very cool effect and change of color.

My favorite though was the geysers in the lake itself. Apparently they stay warm enough to keep the ice clear around them and the otters use them as “fishing holes” in the winter. Super cool. I wish they were still going off that would be neat to see.

After Thumb Basin we were driving towards Canyon Village and saw a little turnoff along the lake and on impulse stopped and saw a beautiful sandbar full of people enjoying the views of the lake. It was a windy but wonderful views and a great spot to hang out on a hot day.

I should also mention that we saw several Elk and a couple of buffalo as we were traveling.

Lastly we went to the Brink of the Upper Falls (based on a recommendation by one of Lee’s work friends) and WOW was it spectacular. I have been to the head of many waterfalls and I have never seen anything like this. First of all it has three different levels and each view is pretty unique. Plus the water levels are really high and the power of it was thrilling. I heard a local say she visits the site all of the time and she had never seen it this high. I did the best I could to capture it in pictures but really Lee’s video does a much better job.

The rainbow was a great addition

After spending a long time getting pictures at the falls we walked back up the stairs and down the old road to a bridge and got some more cool shots. It really was spectacular and my favorite of the the Yellowstone waterfall sightings so far. I like my waterfalls up close and personal and this certainly provided that.

Like I said the pictures simply don’t do it justice but I think Lee’s video does. Highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch it, and as always, it looks better full screen and in HD.

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