May 2022 Budget

Sorry this is so late, things have been busy around here…which is a good thing. We spent $5,589 this month and with Lee’s additional income were able to put some money in savings which was nice. Living in a remote area can really impact grocery and gas costs, but having a place to stay for free is saving us the $1400 a month we would be spending if we could even get this monthly rate. See below for more details.

Clothing and Souvenirs – We spent over $300 in this category but got some cool T-Shirts and magnets. Hey it’s Yellowstone!

Entertainment – I should probably mention that this category includes newspaper subscriptions, books, IPad games, and traditional entertainment. Most of our activities have been free but we still racked up $456.

Eating Out – We really have been splurging in this area spending $780. I would love to say our grocery bill have gone down but as you can see it has not.

Grocery – We spent $1236 in this category this month. Part of it is staying stocked up and part is the higher cost of food here. Even given that it seems really high and is definitely something we should take a look at.
Gifts – I bought my oldest grandson his birthday present early and I sent flowers for a funeral and contributed to a fund raiser for a work colleague.

Home repair – We did great in this category spending a little over $200 because Lee is working and home projects are reduced to the necessary.

Truck Fuel – We spent $692 and with gas prices as high as they are and all the driving we have been doing I consider this pretty good. We have been trying to time our fill-ups for when we are in a larger town which is saving us up to 40 cents a gallon.

All in all not bad for the month of experiences we have had but I would still like to dive in and get some categories down. Still with both of us working we can easily cover our costs and I feel lucky to be able to do so. The higher gas and food costs have driven some people off the road or restricted the travel of others. I truly feel blessed to have the funds to continue with this lifestyle and feel very lucky for my corporate job.

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3 thoughts on “May 2022 Budget

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time!!! Wish we were there, love that park!!! Looks like you’re still eating ribeyes for dinner, and probably some breakfasts too, LOL! Like I’ve mentioned before sure hope we can afford to eat like y’all someday! Looks like the weather up there is taking a turn for the worst, be super safe!

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