Yellowstone – Tower Roosevelt

The one section of the park we were struggling to get to was Lamar Valley, so we set out on a day we both had off with the goal of finally exploring it. I say finally because the weather has been so different here that we have had to turn back a couple of times trying to make it there and this day didn’t start out promisingly as you can see from the snow on our windshield. Still we decided to give it a go because you really never know what weather you will see in different areas of the park. To prove that please keep an eye on the sky during the next two blog posts. They all happened in one day and the weather changed frequently.

This is what we started with but like Lee says nothing exciting happens sitting on the couch.

The one benefit of overcast weather is we have found it does increase the chance of animal sightings. We saw this beautiful Elk early on in the day and most exciting a moose! I am in awe of how people see animals like the moose when driving by, but I am always happy to cheat from their paper when I see cars pulled off the road.

Thankfully the weather started to clear when we hit Mammoth Springs and the drive to Tower Roosevelt was really pleasant. Since we left early we also had that part of the park largely to ourselves and we were both surprised when we came upon a beautiful waterfall. I had no idea this waterfall was here, but what a great surprise and we enjoyed walking around and taking pictures with Jack.

Th visitors center was still closed. It finally opened Memorial Day weekend. We actually went back that weekend and the parking lot was packed so I am extra glad we got up here early in the season.
Absolutely gorgeous vistas

We walked Jack up the road a bit and saw a small waterfall and a creek. There was an explosion of smells and Jack really enjoyed himself.

Unfortunately Jack couldn’t walk to the waterfall so back in the car he went and we took a very short walk to see the falls. What a beauty, it was truly unexpected. The only bummer was there was no way we could see to walk down to it and get closer.

The rock spire next to the fall was the coolest part and makes this waterfall pretty unique. Using my 18-400mm lens I got some pictures that were closer.

Super cool

Out last stop in the Tower Roosevelt area was to drive a couple miles down the road to Canyon Village. The rest of the road is closed until May 27th, but our new friends Lisa and Bob (Lee’s coworkers at the camera store) had told us they had seen a black bear there. It’s been great getting to know them, because they like us take full advantage of their days off and sharing information has improved our animal sightings. Still we didn’t expect how lucky we would get when we pulled up and saw a mama black bear with her baby right across the road. It drew quite the crowd, but we got a great spot and both of us got some awesome pictures.

Lee’s closeup pictures with the 600mm were so good

I am going to stop here before I head into Lamar Valley, but as you can see the weather is much improved even at higher elevation. We did stop at a gift shop on our way home though and Lee bought a black bear and a moose magnet which are now added to the Grizzly and Bison we have on our fridge. It’s the little things in life šŸ™‚

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