Yellowstone – Norris Basin

Sunday morning of Julie and Casey’s visit we had by far the most beautiful weather we have had since we got here. Bright, sunny and in the low 60’s it was a perfect day to go into the park and Julie and Casey wanted to walk the Norris Basin. Since this was a new area for us, we were excited to go and we all headed out around 7:30am.

Since it was a clear day we stopped and took some pictures I have been wanting to take

And we stopped and saw some red dogs (that’s what they call the baby bison) and they were super cute

We also stopped and visited Gibbon Falls which we have passed several times but it was always too cold to get out and look. What a beautiful falls and its an easy walk to several vantage points. I spent some time trying out my new lens and was super happy I could take a wide variety of shots without switching lenses or pulling out my phone. Don’t get me wrong I still like taking some pictures with my phone, but its nice to be able to do most of it with one camera and one lens.

Simply Gorgeous

When we arrived at Norris Basin we saw there is a Forest Ranger museum (unfortunately still closed) and two different loops. The most popular loop goes to Steamboat geyser which is the tallest geyser in the park but goes off sporadically. Seeing it go off is a point of pride for people and we even met a young man who grew up in the area and has visited over 300 times but never seen it go off. Hey there are worse hobbies to have, but for me that geyser and really that entire section was only so-so.

On this section I actually liked the nearby Spring which drains when the geyser goes off. It’s pretty far away from the geyser and shows how connected these thermal pockets all are.

Still if you only have time to do one side I absolutely recommend checking out Porcelain basin. It is a huge area of activity with multiple spots and a great boardwalk that goes throughout. It was really very cool and I loved the picture I got there although I didn’t come close to capturing how wonderful it was.

So cool

It was a great morning and a very nice hike, but Julie and Casey needed to head back to the Tetons. Thanks for coming all this way to see us and we particularly appreciated that great picture you took of us!

Since it was such a gorgeous day, Lee and I decided to continue on to Artists Point and Hayden Valley, which I will talk about in my next post.

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