Sliding Shelves and Other Mods

Lee has been working on various modifications and improvements for the rig over the last few months and I have been collecting them as he made the changes and wanted to share some more of them here. The most challenging change he made was adding sliding drawers in the bathroom cabinet. We have some great shelving space in the bathroom but it’s hard to get to the higher shelves and the back (they’re two feet deep!) and frankly we lose site of what is in there. Lee added these cool sliding drawers so I can easily see what we have and reach it!

Lee set up a work area on the campground picnic table
Yes you can have a saw and do some woodworking from an RV!
This is what he started with. Because the space is deep super hard to see what’s in there
First Lee added the tracks

Then he built the boxes and put them on the slides. He said it was pretty simple the main thing was building the box sturdy enough to handle the weight but light enough it didn’t bend down when pulled out. He even stained them for me 🙂

Look how nice!!

It really is the little things in life and all these changes may seem simple but have made a nice change in our lives. We both find ourselves scratching out heads as to why we didn’t do these before. Look below for some simple mods that have made life easier.

Jack likes to climb on my lap on long drives but sometimes I want him to stay in the back. This net (which he can jump over if he wants) keeps him in the back unless I call him up. He’s not super crazy about it but he has gotten used to it and its better than crating him.
We haven’t had a full sized ironing board since the beginning but sometimes that’s exactly what is needed. Lee removed the wall in the back of the bed box and now a full sized ironing board fits in the space.
We used to have larger containers and they were always falling out of the cupboard and generally causing a mess. These stack very nicely and hardly take up any room at all.

Even in a small RV remotes can still go missing which drives me crazy. Lee found a perfect way to hang them though using a small magnet drilled into the wall and a magnetic plate on the back of the remote. He hung up the fan remote, TV remote, and Fantastic fan remotes and man has that made my life easier. No more hunting for remotes! FYI this trick could work in a house too.

Last but not least Lee added a checklist (with actual tabs you can move) to our fridge. It’s customizable so we picked our own items and now use it every time we pack up. Even though we have been full timing for over 7 years we still make mistakes sometimes and this checklist ensures the really important items aren’t forgotten about in a last minute rush. Whether you are new or experienced, I highly recommend this item!

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