March 2022 Budget

Yikes! This was a hefty month with $9,500 in spend. For those of you who are wondering about travel and gas prices, despite our best efforts at finding low prices we spent between $4.59 and $4.99 on every fill-up and $1,031 on gas. We only moved from San Antonio to Little Rock, which really isn’t that far and I am not looking forward to those fuel bills as we move further north. Still we have plenty of money coming in and can cover our costs so thankfully don’t have to make decisions based on fuel. For more details see below.

Campsite Fees – We spent over $1,000 on campsite fees as we traveled and to be clear although we weren’t actively searching for bargains we also weren’t staying in particularly fancy places. Demand outweighed the supply in the areas we stayed in which (along with inflation) has driven costs up.

Clothing – This $400+ included some souvenir T-Shirts, thrift store flannels, and a new pair of ASIC shoes. Since we will be spending the summer in a remote location and I like to try shoes on before buying them it made sense to buy them now.

Entertainment – Since we are finally traveling we spent freely in this category. Again nothing too crazy but we visited three Presidential libraries and some other museums. They don’t cost a ton but when you double up the admission prices it does add up.

Home Repair – We spent $2200 on several home repairs. The big ticket item was replacing the ceiling fan but Lee also did numerous organizational projects, some of which I have blogged about and others I am saving for a future post.

Pets – We spent $600 on Jack which included grooming and his annual shots and a year supply of flea and heartworm medicine. Again taking care of this prior to going north.

One last side note I did my taxes myself this month using Intuit turbo tax. I have been paying $350 for someone to do it for awhile (and not getting great service), so decided to try it myself. I was a big fan of the program and found it very easy to do even with Lee’s small business. If you haven’t tried it I recommend it.

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