Changing RV Ceiling Fan and other RV Life Hacks

One of the interesting things about RV life is that it has changed my views on quality versus quantity. Lee was always a person who chose the former, but to be honest I liked lots of stuff, and the cheaper the better. When you are living in an RV though there just isn’t room for tons of stuff and although I still go out of my way to find a good deal, I have come to appreciate having less but making sure those things are what I really want.

I bring it up because I have been thinking for a while about replacing our ceiling fan, and for the first time in my life (true story) decided to skip the cheaper utilitarian options and get something “fancy”. Spending an extra couple hundred of dollars for something pretty is unusual for me, but in this case at least I decided I was worth it 🙂

Finding a ceiling fan wasn’t that easy though. Because of the layout of our cabinets and our slides, we had to find a fan that was no larger than 42″ at the end of the blade and almost all of the ones at that size were pretty basic. There were some absolutely beautiful ones at Lowe’s in the 60″ or larger range, but nothing really good at all in the smaller size. Instead of racing all over town going to different stores, we went and looked on Amazon and found something very interesting.

There is a relatively new design (at least to us) with retractable blades and immediately I was interested. Cleaning dust off of the ceiling fan blades is what led me to wanting a new one and I thought it was possible bringing the blades in might reduce the dust. There were several styles in the size we needed and when Lee saw one with a tiffany style I was hooked. When I saw the price was pretty reasonable I was all in.

Lee ordered the fan and it came in a huge box, with nice styrofoam to keep all parts safe. I was absolutely ecstatic (watch the video for my full reaction) and it still makes me smile every time I look at it.

Original fan, pretty basic
Pretty new fan in the box. The fans come in clear or smoked color. I chose the latter in the hopes it would hide dirt.
Lee showing the difference in light fixtures. I was worried it would be too big in the room but it actually looks great.
Blades and light fixture removed first
Lee unscrewing the base. Good stepladder definitely needed.
Per Lee the wiring was no different than wiring a residential ceiling fan.
The fan came with these cool strips of lights that are held in place by tiny magnets. Really neat.
Mostly it was a one person job but I did hold the fixture at the end while he screwed it in. He probably could have done it alone but it was easier.

The best part of the fan is it has a great remote control and the lights come in three different color tones and a night light option. The fans work great coming in and out and it gives the whole room an upgraded feel. Oh and did I mention there is more airflow?? Love this new ceiling fan on every level and super happy with the purchase.

In addition to the ceiling fan, Lee has been hard at work adding other simple little changes to the RV that have made a huge difference in our lifestyle quality. Every time he thinks of one of these ideas we are both amazed it never occurred to us before…it seems so simple.

He bought a simple tea caddy to put above our Keurig pods which I use to put teabags in the Keurig machine. They are cheaper than the tea pods and frankly I think the tea tastes better this way. The coolest part of the caddy is it completely matches the wood.
Lee built himself a pullout charging station to put next to his desk. All of these cords were kind of shoved into an open space which worked very poorly. The reading glasses by the way are rechargeable and he uses them at night so the lights don’t need to be on.

But the absolute best by far is below. We are always fighting counter space and we use a drying rack for our dishes. The drying rack took up 50% of our limited counter space which forced me to use the kitchen table most of the time. Lee in an inspirational moment tried something really simple and wow what a huge difference it has made. I know it seems crazy simple and again cant believe we didn’t think of it, but he put a couple of hooks in the backsplash and hung up the rack. As long as we quickly put the dishes away after drying we will have counter space most of the time. HUGE change in our day-to-day and again I am super happy.

I know I have said it before, but I am very grateful to have a person in my life with such a creative mind. I often think about things in a straight line, but Lee is always looking for ways to make things better and his inspirations really have a positive impact on my life!

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4 thoughts on “Changing RV Ceiling Fan and other RV Life Hacks

  1. All these things are so clever!!!

    On Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 9:38 AM Camper Chronicles wrote:

    > Lee and Tracy posted: ” One of the interesting things about RV life is > that it has changed my views on quality versus quantity. Lee was always a > person who chose the former, but to be honest I liked lots of stuff, and > the cheaper the better. When you are living in an RV though” >

  2. Changing out the ceiling fan is great! I love the fact that our fan actually moves air, it’s not as pretty as yours, but definitely an RV upgrade worth doing. Wonder why RV manufacturers don’t think about the fact that we need fans that actually move air, otherwise, why bother??

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