January 2022 Budget

This was another pricey month, with $8600 in costs. $3K of that was for the new fridge which takes us down to a more reasonable $5600. Along with the fridge purchases we traveled west, stopping in Alabama and Mississippi for some fun time. FYI the new budget amounts are adjusted based on the results from several years and changes to how we are living. For more details see below.

Campsite Fee: The bulk of this was to stay in Biloxi, MS. Those campsites are not cheap. Really campsite prices have gone up almost everywhere. Glad Lee has a summer gig so we can have a free site this summer, which in reality will end up being a full six months.

Entertainment: We spent money while traveling and stocked up on some books. We went a couple hundred over budget.

Dining: I am happy to see that we stayed very close to our new adjusted budget. One interesting money saver is our drinking a protein drink instead of eating fast food. Not only is it cost effective but we find we feel better.

Groceries: What do you do when you get a new fridge?? Well, you fill it up, which accounts for our blowing the budget and spending $1200 in this category! It also includes some stocking up at Costco.

Home Repair and Replace: This has the costs for the fridge. The other categories are other minor repairs and improvements Lee has made. We have been really lucky in this area over the last 7 years so I guess it was just time to replace some things.

Truck Fuel: Gas prices were super high while we were traveling and we spent an extra $300 this month. Those usually balance out over the year but I know we all hope gas prices go back down.

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One thought on “January 2022 Budget

  1. Thanks for continuing to share with us all the real costs of RV living. It truly helps those of us still in the dreaming phase to know what to expect! Do appreciate it!!

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