Center for Mental Wellness At Last!!

It’s been another long year and we were very excited to land at the Center For Mental Wellness for awhile. It’s been over a year since Lee has seen Cori and Greg and we have had minimal chill friend time lately. We call Cori and Greg’s place the Center for Mental Wellness since its a great place to just sit and decompress. And personally I really needed it. When we arrived we were greeted with lots of hugs and a welcome dinner. The dinner was great but Lee received an unusual menu selection..a weird jello mold. He’s been posting these weird jello molds from the 70’s on Facebook and Cori and Kelly wanted to give it a try. Gotta say with love it looked disgusting but I guess that was the whole point 🙂

The Center is a great place to take walks, chill with friends, and even enjoy a dip in the hot tub. The first week or so we were there I just soaked up the atmosphere, caught up on work stuff, watched some amazing football games, and enjoyed the hot tub!! It’s really a great time to be in one place because a major project I am working on is coming close to Go Live and the ability to focus on work without moving around is nice.

Such a wonderful treat after a long work day.

A little bit after we arrived, David and Sharon came to visit as well and then the fun really started. They had never been here before and were enjoying seeing the sites. Greg smoked brisket for their arrival and it was delicious!!

The weather has been hit and miss, but one beautiful day we all went into Gruene and had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants The Gristmill. Gruene is a very cool old Texas town with one of the oldest music spots in Texas.

Lovely day and as always grateful for our friends.

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5 thoughts on “Center for Mental Wellness At Last!!

  1. So great to see the “Younger Generation” enjoying this special time of life!!! It brings back so many memories of our full-timing adventures. Enjoy every minute!!!

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