Finally the Alabama State Sticker

Despite having criss-crossed Alabama more times than I can count we never actually did anything Alabama specific so I never put the sticker on our map. This year though I was absolutely committed to checking that box and Lee was humoring me. He doesn’t care nearly as much about the state sticker thing as I do, but he loves doing new things so he was more than willing to go along. When he asked where I wanted to go he looked a little surprised when I said Geneva, Al but as always he was game.

Why Geneva? Well, that is where a show called The Cowboy Way Alabama was filmed and since I love the show I wanted to see the area. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is a wholesome reality show following the lives of three young cowboys and their families in southern Alabama. The show is filmed in Geneva and Robertsdale and I loved it so much I wanted to see the areas they live in.

Turns out there isn’t much in Geneva, but there is an awesome local park called the Robert Fowler Memorial Park that has some RV sites with water and electric. I made reservations (only $80 for 5 nights…that’s more like it) and we arrived on Monday. This is a very small town so we had to stop at the town hall and pickup the key to the gate before heading over. Once we got there we saw they were taking down the Christmas decorations and after several discussions with maintenance (and walking the path) we grabbed our spot. The spot itself is nice sized, it only cost $80 for 5 days, and best of all we are the only ones here!!

There are only 12 spots in the park and we picked one near the end.
This is one of Jack’s all time favorites as he had lots of room to run free
My work view for the week. Loved it!
They had a nice Christmas display in the park which they took down the week we were there

Actually that wasn’t the best of all, because the oldest tree in Alabama (over 300 years old) is a short walk away and it is beautiful. This is the most beautiful oak tree I have ever seen (and I’ve seen some beauties) and its right next to us. Plus the park is on a river and Jack can run free. Absolutely fantastic and a great way to start off a new year!!

What a beauty. Better than Angel Oak in South Carolina this tree is over 300 years old and in great condition
Me for scale
I wish this picture could have come close to the feeling when you looked up
Only one branch was braced.
Jack likes climbing trees
So hard for one picture to do it justice.

In addition to the tree the park is at the junction of two rivers and has it’s own little swamp. Lots of room to walk and my only complaint is it is a popular local spot and there were people there all day and night until they closed the gate at 10pm. Lee did feel a little isolated, especially at night, but what a great place to just chill for a week.

I wish the surrounding area was as nice as the park but it was a bit of a bust. I had a list of places from the show I wanted to see but they were hard to track down. Really it ended up being just two small towns in rural Alabama and although I am glad I was there its not a place I would go back to. I did manage to track down the location of Bubba’s old house but unfortunately you can’t see much of it from the road so it was kind of bleh. They don’t even live there anymore so overall it wasn’t worth the effort.

You could barely see the house through the trees.

All that being said, the main goal of the stop was to finally get that state sticker and the 300 year old tree was enough to get us there. I felt great putting that stick on the RV and I am sure there will be much more to do at our next stop in Gulfport, MS.

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One thought on “Finally the Alabama State Sticker

  1. Tracy and Lee,

    The next time you stop overnight or for several days in Alabama, think about staying near Guntersville, AL. There is a brand new RV park there called River Ridge Retreat which has full hook ups, pull-through sites, a fire ring, picnic table and grill at each site and is reasonably priced. This RV park is very close to the city of Guntersville and Guntersville State Park. Guntersville also has some good restaurants and nice local shops. If you are into site seeing, Bucks Pocket state park is nearby and also High Falls park on Town Creek. High Falls park has a beautiful waterfall especially when water levels are higher. Cathedral Caverns is close which offers cave tours. The Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville AL is not far away as well as the Huntsville Botanical gardens. The other interesting thing I found out is that the campground shares a peninsula on Guntersville lake with part of the property owned by Guntersville State Park and is an eagle nesting area. Safe travels and enjoy your time in Gulfport MS.


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