September 2021 Budget

Well, another hefty month of expenses. We had to pay extra for campsites with the truck accident, $100 for someone to move the truck to another site, and $1,000 on the deductible. We may get the deductible back IF the other insurance company will refund it but that is far from certain. This whole month was a bit of a mess honestly and we blew the budget in almost every category.

Dining Out – We took a ton of people out to dinner and ate out ourselves like crazy.

Home Repair – We bought two ice machines. One broke and we couldn’t get to a camping world to replace it under warranty. We also had to buy extra hoses and power cable to fit into our new site.

Truck Maintenance – This is the $1,000 deductible

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2 thoughts on “September 2021 Budget

  1. I really applaud you for your attention to your spending…knowing the good, the bad and the ugly. One of my bad habits, is I just spend what there is a “need” for, and as long as I’m working, it’s like “don’t ask, don’t tell”. I know I will have a real reckoning with this once I retire and have to live on a fixed income. Great job, even when you “blow the budget”….

    • The exercise really forces the conversations. We just had one yesterday around spending versus saving. We tend to spend what we make which is fine except when we need to make a big purchase. Since I never want to go into debt again that means we have to save the money up first. Both of us would really like to buy a new truck at some point and of course that is big $$$$$. The only way we will ever save that much up is to spend less,
      And sock it away. We have been married for 32 years and these conversations are still super Uncomfortable. But I always feel we are in a better place when we have them

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