A Week With My Dad

It’s pretty unusual for Lee and I to be apart overnight in this lifestyle. As a matter of fact I would say this has only happened a handful of times in the last seven years and in almost all cases they were for work. This time Lee had a work trip to Florida and I decided to spend that time with my Dad. He has been living alone for the last few years and he has a yard large enough for me to put the RV in so Jack and I decided to hang out with him. He and Jack are buddies, so I knew that would be fun for them as well. In no time at all Jack was running the place and he desperately misses that leash free environment as we have moved on as of this writing. Still it felt slightly uncomfortable being in a sticks and bricks house for so long and I “visited” the RV at least twice a day. It truly is my home.

Both Dad and I are working so we stayed home quite a bit, but we did get out a few times. My brother and his family are still in the area as well so they came over one night and we went over for lunch another day. I even got to eat lunch with my brother on my birthday at my favorite Chinese place, Ding Ho’s. They have absolutely the best Won Ton soup in any place I have ever been and I have been to lots of places.

Hanging out with Lex was lots of fun and he is old enough now to remember me from last time. I went out and pushed him on the swing for awhile and we talked about first grade. He has this really cool Skycurve platform swing that I loved and definitely am going to get one for my grandsons when the timing is right.

Dad and I also went out together a few times. We went to Tony’s Coneys a really old ice cream and hot dog place. The hot dog and ice cream were fantastic! And we went to dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, and his cousin and her brother. My family (like many) are split on vaccines and mask wearing so my general rule of thumb was to not hug anyone who wasn’t vaccinated. Yes I know it is their choice, but they are also in their late 70’s and frankly I don’t want that on my conscience. Thankfully my 90 year old grandfather is vaccinated so I felt comfortable seeing him and giving him a hug.

I didn’t get pictures of everyone I visited but I did get pictures of my good friend Ted. He was the best man at our wedding and I was able to see him for lunch one day and what a wonderful visit that was. We went to El Vaquero, my second favorite Mexican restaurant, and I had my absolute favorite desert sopapillas. If you are seeing a trend of friends/family and food there was a lot of that and I did my best to at least maintain my weight this week. I tried to stick to lunches as much as possible and that helped.

Dad lives out on a farm and all week was a little bit like wild kingdom. The first morning I was there I saw a beautiful coyote and from that point on had to watch Jack closely. I also saw a deer and another morning a giant blue heron landed in his back yard. Dad says he has gotten them occasionally, but I have never seen one in Ohio before.

One of the best parts of the week was when Cori and Greg stopped by on the way to Pennsylvania. They stayed overnight in the front yard and finally got to meet my Dad. Trip and Jack hadn’t seen each other since Trip was really small but they got along great. It was constant running around and you could barely tell the two of them apart. It was a lovely visit made more so when Cori gave me a cake for my 55th birthday and they sang happy birthday to me. It was so sweet and so nice to be with RV friends on my birthday!! Love those guys! They were sad to miss Lee but we carved out a couple of days to see them in Pennsylvania so he wont miss out all together.

I had a terrific visit and Lee had a great work trip as well. Most live events have been cancelled due to COVID so it was great to see they were starting up again. He looks pretty serious in the picture below but he had a great time and the extra money is nice too!!

One last thing. Because I am 55 and smoked for 30 years I am now eligible for a CT Scan on the lungs covered by insurance. It was a super quick test (about 5 minutes) and as long as you don’t wear a wire bra you remain clothed for it. They found one small nodule in my right lung, but it has a low chance of malignancy so they will just watch it. If you are a former or current smoker I highly recommend checking with your insurance to see if this test is covered. The rules changed relatively recently and if you are eligible I highly recommend getting it. I am claustrophobic but because it is open on both ends it didn’t bother me at all.

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