Saying Goodbye to Elliott

Now that we have two grandkids in two states, our grandparent life is more complicated. It doesn’t help that our three kids all live so far away from each other or that they both live in areas that either get super cold (Minneapolis) or super hot (Charleston, SC). Then again maybe that is good in a way, because it makes our choice on where to be and when somewhat easier. Still it is always hard to say goodbye, especially since Elliott is so young, but campground choices really forced the decision.

Our favorite campsite Dakota County Fairgrounds closed for their annual fair and the only place we could find to stay was at Mystic Lake Casino campground Sunday – Thursday. I generally don’t travel on work days but since that was our only option we moved on Sunday and that gave us a few additional days. The campground and casino were pretty nice but the $40 a night rate was steep. Still this allowed us a few more precious days with Elliot and a chance to see our daughter Kay who was with Kyrston, Jeremy and Oliver in Charleston, and then turned around and flew up to see Kat and Elliott.

Kyrston (my oldest) and Kay (my youngest)
Kay with Lee and Elliott
Kat’s neighbor across the street is a retired artist and she drew a picture of us

The time was more about the baby though and we visited a couple more times with Kat, Adrian and Elliott. My work schedule was pretty nuts so the visits were limited, but baby snuggles are the best.

Lee’s birthday present was baby snuggles
He makes the greatest faces
Such a cutie!!!!

Adrian and Kat are figuring it out and we did the best we could not to give too much advice. They are grownups and certainly capable of making their own decisions so unless asked we kept a firm hold on our tongues. I highly recommend this for visiting grandparents. It’s not cool to pop into someone’s life and then pop out imho.


The last day was super hard though, but honestly what are my choices? Even if I wanted to live in Minneapolis, then I would hardly ever see Oliver or vice versa. One of the benefits of this lifestyle is we can stay for longer visits and even if it is only once a year we will spend more time than if we only saw them on vacations. I don’t know if saying goodbye will ever get easier and yes, there is face time (which I am grateful for) but nothing is the same as in person baby snuggles.

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5 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Elliott

  1. I should have mentioned this before, but wondering if you investigated Lebanon Hills regional park. It would have been a straight shot up Cedar (hwy 77) just as the Dakota co fairgrounds is.
    None of our five grandkids live anywhere near us so I feel your pain. Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime, but it isn’t the same. As our grandkids got older we did travel with them in our rv for “grandparents camp”. We loved it and so did they. You could do as so many Minnesotan’s do and just be here for the warmer months. Then Charleston would be great for winter?
    I’m sure you will figure it out!

  2. Congratulations. It is hard to say good bye. We now have 8 grandchildren in three different states and a great grandchild. This lifestyle is great that we can visit abs stay as long as we want. We can go when they need our help. Best wishes.

  3. These are wonderful photos and great memories. We started full-timing the year our first grandchild was born. He just turned 21….TIME FLIES…so you can’t get too many baby snuggles now!!!!

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