Waiting on Baby

After Kansas City, we arrived in Minneapolis. Our daughter Kat was due July 7th and we wanted to arrive early just in case. Turned out we all had a lot of waiting to do as her due date came and went. We made the most of the time celebrating her birthday and Lee catching up on lots of RV stuff that he had been putting off. Plus Jack was super happy because the Dakota County Fairgrounds where we stay is one of his favorites. Not only is it a really nice piece of land, but they have a dog friendly policy and there are lots of places we can take him off leash.

We snagged a spot close to the dump station so Lee could use the macerator pump and long hoses and didn’t have to use the blue boy. I was concerned about possible smell, but it is super clean and we never smell anything. And it’s one of the very few spots that have shade trees in what is otherwise a giant open field.

As soon as we arrived we went to see Kat and I was amazed at how big she was. She’s the smallest of my girls at 5’2″ and she is all baby. Her hair is normally a bright color (it changes with her mood), but with the birth coming she cut it short and went back to her natural color which I think was really smart.

All belly

Kat and Adrian (her partner) have been working on getting ready and I was happy to assist by dropping off all the shrink wrapped clothes I have been buying. For several months in our travels I have been buying baby clothes at thrift stores and garage sales and resale shops, and between what I bought and what my older daughter Kyrston sent she should have enough for a year or more. I also finished a cross stitched baby blanket for her and was happy to give that as well.

So many clothes
Really happy with how this turned out but its a good thing babies take 9 months because I am super slow.

So what do you do with a VERY pregnant daughter in July heat? Go out to eat of course. We went to a great place for southern fired chicken one day and another restaurant for her birthday brunch.

One thing I did want to do was find a Jade plant and Kat and I went to a greenhouse where one of her best friends works. Bachman’s had a great selection including some very high end rare plants. One of these was actually a $750 plant which blew me away, but I spent much much less on my super cute jade plant.

Largely though we just gave them their space and Lee and I went about our normal lives. Lee spent hours reorganizing all of our cabinets and storage compartments, and doing a mini purge. I have to say they look absolutely fantastic! He is a master at organization and is always coming up with new ways to make things easier, and make things fit better.

Since we will be here for awhile, I joined the local Farmington, MN Facebook group and Lee and I have been exploring the small town. Turns out there is an excellent ice cream shop with locally made ice cream here and we went to a $1 book sale that one of the locals had.

Another day Lee and I were wandering around and stumbled across a store called Shady Deal. It had all kinds of weird closeouts and lots of mannequins throughout the store. Very strange but they had some unique items I have never seen anywhere else.

And lastly we went to Mall of America. The last time I went was at least 10 years ago but we pass it almost every day and finally decided to stop. Mainly I wanted to check out the indoor amusement park for future trips with Lil Bean (as we are calling the baby) and I was thrilled to see it had a Nickelodeon theme. It also has a fantastic Legacy Toy Store (Lee had to drag me out of there) and an Amazon Prime shop which is full of items that are trending and 4 plus stars on Amazon. Frankly you could spend days in there, but after 8,000 steps I was ready to leave.

So we are just waiting and hopefully the baby will come soon. Unfortunately we have to leave no later than 8/1 because they are having the county fair this year and clear the campground to prepare the grounds. It’s the only downside to staying here, but since we will rarely come in August we are huge fans of staying here when in the area.

There are still 5 or 6 posts Lee needs to write about places he went while we were in Kansas City, but he’ll do those later, none of them really matter in the chronology of our life.

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5 thoughts on “Waiting on Baby

  1. I know where you guys are exactly. Not far from where I live, actually. I have fallen in love with the ice cream shop in Farmington this summer. I do wish it was in Apple Valley/Rosemount or in Eagan so that I was in a better location for all of my errands but worth the drive on a weekend. Hopefully your grandchild will arrive before the beginning of august. Have you looked into the camp grounds in Eagan? You would likely be able to stay there during the county fair?!?

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