The Loveless Cafe and Seeing Dave & Sharon

When we go to a new area we usually reach out to people and ask where are good places to eat and our friend Mark (and another friend, Jane, who you will remember from our stop in Omaha last summer) recommended The Loveless Cafe. Unfortunately we initially tried to go on a Sunday and the wait to eat was 1 hour and 45 minutes. That is not a typo, so I took an early lunch break on Thursday and we arrived at 11am. The wait was still 10 minutes, but we got in right away and saw immediately why the waits were so long. The restaurant was relatively tiny (smaller than a Cracker Barrel) and with such high demand we understood the wait times.

Its a cool story and I couldn’t wait to try the fried chicken and see what all the fuss was about

So the big question is always “Does the food live up to its press?”. I’m pretty tough on that, but I will say the food was different. All of the items tasted different than any other food I have ever had. Actually (and I could be wrong about this) it was like Cracker Barrel was trying to be like this café. The chicken in particular had a very distinctive flavor and crunch. Let me put it this way, we bought the instructions and coating for both the chicken and the fired green tomatoes. In all fairness it wasn’t 1-1/2 hour wait good, but if you can find a time slot that isn’t crazy crowded I definitely recommend it.

We also went and visited the Marathon Motor Works. We were drawn there by the Jack Daniels Store, but I was completely enamored by the interior. We have seen many old factories converted to shop spaces but have never seen the old machinery used as decoration. It was super, super cool and unique.

We knew it was cool when the Redneck Riviera Tour Truck pulled up lol
Giant safe …Lee loved it
This cracked me up.

The stores were just so-so except there was a fantastic Olive Oil Store inside. That being said its worth the trip just to see the interior, but I would definitely go early so you can avoid the crowds.

I have to say though of all the things we have done this week, going one evening and seeing David & Sharon was the absolute best. David’s mom had to go into assisted living and they have been remodeling the cabin she lived in. They are the only people I have seen who didn’t put on the “COVID 15” pounds because they have been working so hard on the remodel. And I have to say the house looks absolutely incredible. They basically gutted it and they have added all these little storage areas everywhere that reminds me so much of living in an RV. It was a lovely evening, here are the pics.

The porch is amazing. They built a new one which wraps around three sides of the house
The inside really blew me away. All the artwork are pictures they took on their travels which is an amazing idea.
Sharon and Dave

It was a lovely visit and on the way we had a chance to stop at a vista point and see a wonderful view of the lake. The entire place was Jack friendly and he had a great time hanging out.

Next up a visit to The Bluebird and Andrew Jacksons home.

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5 thoughts on “The Loveless Cafe and Seeing Dave & Sharon

  1. Glad you have enjoyed your time in Tennessee!! But can’t thank you enough for photos of Sharon & David and their mini Butterfly Hollow (their originial B&B renovation). We haven’t seen them in ages and it was great to see they are doing well 💖 Safe travels!!!

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