First Time at Magnolia Gardens

One of the downsides of working a regular job is you are fighting the crowds to see popular places. Magnolia Gardens is a place we have been wanting to see and since we were here during peak bloom this was the time to see it. Unfortunately tons of other people felt the same way, so we decided to go at 9am on Easter Sunday. This turned out to be a great decision as it was very nice during the morning hours and around noon when we left the line was crazy long to get in. If you do decided to go I recommend early morning mid-week if you can choose that time, if not get there as early as you can. It’s worth it.

At 8:45 there was already a line. It cost $20 for the basic tour and more for additional tours. We bought the basic and spent an extra $8 for a boat tour of the rice fields which we felt was well worth it
We have seen many gardens in our travels but this is probable one of the oldest and the combination of plants and trees is very special
There is a plantation house on site, but we chose not to take that tour. Terrific gift shop inside it though which was free to get into
Love the big oaks
The flowers were amazing, but it is also an historic site and the combination of history and nature was really great
They also had numerous historic plants some donated over 100 years ago
Amazing views above the paths
They had lithographs of people who toured these same paths. Really cool.
And seats built into oak trees that were places others had sat. This one was a local ministers spot where he felt closest to God
A large maze
We climbed the tower to look over the rice fields, but the boat tour is definitely the way to go
Lots of alligators on the boat tour
The rice tour was VERY interesting and explained how they created and flooded these fields. These wooden locks were used to control the waters levels during the tides. Fascinating stuff.
The garden was broken into multiple sections I definitely got my steps in this day. You can take a tram but honestly save your money and walk it. Much more immersive
My favorite statue was St, Fiacre patron saint of gardeners

All of the flowers were really pretty and the house, but those weren’t what was truly special. There were several bridges with ponds and they were absolutely gorgeous. Spread throughout the area, I have never seen that many beautiful venues for pictures in so many places. More than worth the $20 entrance fee.

I had Lee take a picture of me with a flower dress 🙂
This doesn’t even come close to capturing the beauty. It felt like we were in a painting
My absolute favorite. Lee took this picture

As we were heading out, we noticed that their greenhouse was open and both of us gravitated to a freestanding bird bath. WE have been looking for a lightweight, collapsible birdbath for awhile and we found one!! The legs collapse and the dish was absolutely beautiful. Lee bought it for me on the spot. Perfect way to end the day.

In our “front yard”

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6 thoughts on “First Time at Magnolia Gardens

  1. I would read like to visit this place!

    On Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 4:13 PM Camper Chronicles wrote:

    > Lee and Tracy posted: ” One of the downsides of working a regular job is > you are fighting the crowds to see popular places. Magnolia Gardens is a > place we have been wanting to see and since we were here during peak bloom > this was the time to see it. Unfortunately tons of othe” >

  2. Tracy, I found your book on Amazon and enjoyed it very much. What really caught me was that you camped in Ebenezer Park, in Rock Hill. I live across the lake and can see the park. I have kayaked over to Goat Island several times. They just did a major renovation of the park and I need to go check it out. I have lived in the Carolina’s, Georgia and Florida for my entire life and was very familiar with many of your stops. Your lifestyle is a dream of mine but not a reality at this point. However, I bought a used SylvanSport Go (Google it because it is impossible to explain!) last summer and have been using it to explore the Carolinas and Georgia. I use it haul my ebike to explore future when I get there. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, I would love to sit around your campfire! I consider anything within a 3 hour drive close. I am now reading your blog from the beginning and I am up to August 2015.

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