February Budget

We went over budget by around $1700 in February, but that was largely due to the wedding.  Because the monthly rate was cheaper in Charleston, we double paid for a week of campground fees and eating out and gifts all had extra expenses as well.  But it’s not every day that your niece gets married so it was what it was. For more detail see below.






















Campsite Fees – We went over by $370 because we double paid for one week. 

Clothing – Lee had “outgrown” his dress clothes so had to purchase new shirts and a jacket.  The funny thing about these clothes is we rarely wear them so it seems like every time we have an event we have to rebuy.  I used something I had purchased for work which worked for me, but Lee lives in jeans and rarely wears anything else.

Dining Out – We went over by around $450.  This was partly eating on the run and also dinners with friends and family.

Home Repair – We have had mismatched RV tire rims for some time now and it was driving Lee crazy.  He got new rims and paid to have them mounted.  He also bought a jack so he could remove the tires himself.  All in we spent about $1K in this category in February.

Truck Fuel – Despite all the running around our truck fuel stayed below budget which was nice.

That’s all I have for this month. Lee’s normal stats will be up in a few days after we help our daughter’s family move!



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8 thoughts on “February Budget

  1. Ya, those months happen! We also have mismatched rims as we can’t find a matching replacement. One day we’ll bite the bullet too.

  2. Sounds like a fun, busy month!!! On the RV rim/tire changing, just wondering why Lee didn’t use your RV lift system? I use ours whenever we need to remove a rim and tire, or rotate the tires, it works fine.

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