January 2021 Budget

       Every January Lee and I sit down and we adjust our budget target numbers.  Generally we use trending data to make those decisions, but that was tougher this year because of COVID and our new way of traveling.  It was a good conversation though and Lee added several new categories because he wanted more data.  If you look at the picture below the new target numbers are in the middle column.  We went over by roughly $1,000 but these expenses were for the truck and new rims for two of the trailer tires.  Since those categories are based more on annual numbers, we are doing good so far!   Please see below for more information.

E- Cigarettes – I finally found a new solution for this and it should cost much less for the year.  I invested in two new dispensers and stocked up on juice locally, because I found a flavor I liked that is only made here.  Instead of spending roughly $5 a day on cartridges I will be filling my own and the juice is  $15 for two weeks.  

Groceries – I wanted to up our grocery budget but Lee wanted to leave it at $750.  We will see how that goes 🙂

Home Repair/Replace – Two new rims for our trailer wheels.  We have had non matching rims for quite some time and Lee finally found exact matches. 

Truck Maintenance – Oil Change and New Wipers 

As long as we are bringing more in than is going out I am good for 2021.  We keep putting a little bit back in savings every month which is great.  

Additional monthly data from Lee…

For December we used 429 GB of data on our AT&T unlimited plan, across all of our devices. (Total for the year is 429 GB, since it’s the first month!)

We took 836 pictures, mostly of Oliver!

This month we stayed in one place, and paid a monthly rate which worked out to $ 30.83 per day.

We didn’t move the rig at all this month, so we didn’t put any miles on the trailer. 

We put a 666.8 miles on the truck.

We burned a total of 49 gallons of diesel, and averaged 13.6 mpg. 

There’s no travel map for January, since we didn’t travel.

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