Christmas with an 18 month old…it doesn’t get any better than this!

Despite the crazy year and all its challenges all I really wanted was to have Christmas with my Grandson.  18 months is a magical age and the day went beautifully.  The key, by the way, with kids this age is to let them go at their own pace and to not get caught up in any one particular thing.  Plus naps…a long nap is essential for a happy day 🙂

Since my son-in-law was working Christmas Eve we went over and helped Kyrston put some presents together.  I have been wrapping presents for a long time, but even I was challenged by the trampoline.  It turned out OK though!



The next day we went to Kyrston’s house at noon and started a Zoom clal with the other kids at 1pm.  It was amazing for us all to be together in some small way even more because my second daughter Kat (in Minneapolis) officially announced she was pregnant!!!  All her tests look great and she had passed the 12 week mark which was a wonderful Christmas present in and of itself. 

Jeremy, Oliver, and Kyrston in matching Christmas PJ’s…so cute


All Oliver really wanted was the phone in Lee’s pocket


Setting up the zoom call


Our daughter Kay calling in from Connecticut.


Opening presents


While the family watched


Here’s a screen shot of us from their view


The trampoline from Aunt Kat and Uncle Adrian was a big hit


And this giant present was from Grandma and Grandpa


Hooray a Fisher Price Food Truck!!!


Jeremy bought him this cool bike


Which he immediately climbed up on 🙂


But the best present was the large slide!



After presents we had a fantastic meal of Prime Rib and tons of side dishes.  It was a lovely Christmas and we feel so blessed to get to spend it with Kyrston, Jeremy, and






After we came home that night Jack bone. He was in dog heaven and yes, we kept a close eye out to make sure no splinters.


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5 thoughts on “Christmas with an 18 month old…it doesn’t get any better than this!

  1. I loved your book. I really wanted to read about your summer in Alaska. Can you send me the link to that? Blessings, Mary

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  2. Making Memories is what the journey is ALL about!!! What a wonderful day!!! In 20 years, these blog posts will be even more special!!!

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