Seeing My Sister

A little over a year ago we lost my nephew to suicide.  Although I have stayed in close contact with my sister we have not been able to see each other in person, and I was so glad that we would finally be able to see her in person.  Unfortunately because of COVID and the proximity to Christmas, we had to be careful about social distancing and not being able to hug her or my sic year old nephew was frankly brutal.  At least we had plenty of time to spend together, because my work event was cancelled due to heightened COVID restrictions after Thanksgiving.

One really great piece of the event was we all got to meet 3 month old Lulu.  My sister adopted a bulldog and I have to say she was incredibly cute.  Spunky and solid, watching her and Jack play was amazing, although she did inadvertently knock Jack over a few times.  Even at three months she is SOLID and our little fluffernutter went flying a few times, which was hysterical.   I didn’t get many good pictures because they were constantly in motion.  Jack is a lot faster than she is and spent a ton of time making her chase him. 

My brother-in-law Josh, his epic beard, and Lee and LuLu


I got them to sort of sit still for this picture


I brought presents including this apron for Josh.  The quote is from Jamestown and he loved it!


We also got to spend time with my other nephews Alec and Abram.  Alec’s team just won all state in soccer and I can’t believe how grown he is.  Abram is also incredibly tall for being 6 years old and he did a nice job of social distancing although it’s tough with a 6 year old.  To be honest I would have thrown caution to the winds except we were due to see our grandson the week after.  If we got sick we would miss Christmas with him and that was a risk I was not willing to take.  The very last day, on an impulse, Lee threw a blanket over Abram and we were both able to give him super big blanket hugs before we left!!  Highly recommend this if you are in a similar situation. 

Alec…he looks quite a bit like my brother looked at that age.


Abram has adored Lee since he was born. They are good buddies.


Wendy and Josh



Although the house was decorated and all was in order, there was a definite sadness.  I was hoping since it had been a full year some of that would have lifted, but this is going to take some time.  I mention it because Wendy said everyone was expecting her to get back to normal, but that was never going to happen.  I will admit I was a person who hoped for that as well, but simply put this is a pain she will always carry with her.  The best news is she and her husband are doing a good job taking care of each other.  COVID has been a blessing to them in some respects, because Josh has been able to work from home and they are healing in their little bubble with less outside distractions.  All I can say is it incredibly difficult to watch people you love be in that much pain.  We did everything we could to show them our love and Lee did a wonderful job of lightening the mood a little and even made them laugh a few times.  

And if nothing else I was able to give Wendy my present.  For the last six months I have been working on a cross stitch picture for her.  I poured a lot of my love and grief into it and it said what I wanted to say to her. God bless her family. 


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3 thoughts on “Seeing My Sister

  1. Such a heartbreaking thing to deal with. I’m sure they all loved seeing you! I can sure see the resemblance in you, your sister and your girls. What a lovely gift you made for your sister. I’m sure she will cherish it. I love the blanket hug idea!!

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