Hirshorn Sculpture Garden

Back to Lee’s posts about D.C visits.  Written by him – Lee

Most of the Smithsonian buildings are closed, due to CoVid, but even though the Hirshorn Museum is closed, the outdoor sculpture garden is not. And it’s free, which is lovely. It’s on the south side of the mall, just north (across Independence) of the Hirshorn between the Arts & Industries and Air and Space buildings. The Smithsonian Metro station is just 1500 feet away. 

There’s a handful of sculptures at street level and then you go down a level to a sunken garden that’s a good 20 feet or more below street level. When I was there all but the north entrance were closed.  

Jeff Koons, Kiepenkerl, 1987, stainless steel  That is super cool – Trace



Jaques Lipchitz, Figure, 1926, bronze



Claes Oldenburg, Geometric Mouse, 1971, aluminum and steel


Anthony Caro, Monsoon Drift, 1975, steel


Barbara Hepworth, Figure for Landscape, 1960, bronze


Henry Moore, Two Piece Reclining Figure: Points, 1969, bronze  


Henry Moore, Upright Motive #1: Glenkiln Cross, 1955, bronze


David Smith, Pittsburgh Landscape, 1954, steel



Tony Cragg, Subcommittee, 1991, steel


Jean Arp, Evocation of a Form: Human, Lunar, Spectral, 1950, bronze


Judith Shea, Post-Balzac, 1991, bronze




Beverly Pepper, Ex Cathedra, 1967, stainless steel


Henry Moore, Seated Woman, 1956, bronze


Sterling Ruby, Double Candle, 2018, bronze


Henry Moore, Three Piece Reclining Figure No. 2 Bridge Prop, 1963, bronze


Arman, Eros Inside Eros, 1986, bronze



Barry Flanagan, The Drummer, 1987, bronze




Yoko Ono, Wish Tree, 2007, live tree  I think that’s’ weird you can’t tie wishes to the tree.  I get it to protect the tree but maybe they could have something else on the installation that allows it.  Personally I like interactive art. – Trace


Auguste Rodin, Monument to Balzac, 1891, bronze


Emile Antoine Bourdelle, The Great Warrior of Montauban, 1898, bronze


Auguste Rodin, The Burghers of Calais, 1884, bronze


Giacamo Manzu, Self Portrait with Model at Bergamo, 1942, bronze


Henry Moore, King And Queen, 1952, bronze


Auguste Rodin, Crouching Woman, 1880, bronze


Auguste Rodin, Walking Man, 1900, bronze  As much as I love sculpture I am not a fan of Rodin.  I know he’s one of the best but it always makes me feel a bit depressed.  I like uplifting art – Trace






Lucio Fontana, Spatial Concept: Nature, 1959, bronze


Huma Bhabbha, We Come In Peace, 2018, bronze




Henry Moore, Three Way Piece No. 3: Vertebrae, 1968, bronze  That’s super cool imho – Trace


I know this was a short one, but there just wasn’t a lot to say. It’s a garden full of sculpture. 

But in the next post, a visit to the International Spy Museum!


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