October 2020 Budget

We had a really busy month in October and our costs were $6595 which is way over budget.  Campground fees were an all time high at $1,159 which was a large chunk of the costs.  For more detailed information please see below.

Campground Fees – Previously our monthly budget was $250 as we worked in places that included campground fees.  With our new method of travel we will definitely need to up this budget starting in next year.

E-Cigarettes – I pre bought in West Virginia because they had availability and the taxes were very low.  Turns out that the brand I like is being discontinued so now I need to find a different solution anyways…grr.

Clothing – We spent over $500 in clothing which was mainly T-Shirts from all the places we visit.  Lee also bought some flannels from Tractor Supply because it is much chillier here in the east.

Dining Out – We spent $690 on dining out this month which was a variety of restaurants.  Eating local is part of the experience for us and Maryland had lots of seafood for us to try!

Entertainment – We toured several places which was pretty pricey.  $538 was reasonable for all the places we visited, including Mount Vernon, Greenbriar, and Lee took a scenic train ride.

Gifts – I was actually in budget in this category!  Only $58 I showed great restraint.

Groceries – Lee made a Costco run, but we also ate out quite a bit so this stayed relatively low.

Home Repair – This was roughly $500.  We replaced our exterior power inlet.  We had to buy a new battery for our generator and we replaced the remote control for our leveling system.

Postage – This was high at $165 mainly because of voting.  We had to overnight our ballots to make sure we got them in time and we also paid extra several times to pick up packages at a local UPS store.  We didn’t stay in places that accepted mail so had to find other solutions.

Tolls and Parking – This was extremely high at $414 so let me break that down.  Many of the roads we traveled on were tolls and we used our EZ Pass.  We also had to pay for parking several times and when we didn’t one or both of us took the train.  Finally Lee rented scooters in DC on several days and didn’t really understand how the system worked.  He is writing a separate post on that, but all those things together ended up being a ton of money.

Truck Fuel – We saved quite a bit of money on fuel this month and with all the driving we did $468 was really reasonable.   All in all it was a pricey month but we got lots for our money.  It was also a three paycheck month so even though we spent a lot we were still able to put money into our savings.  

Additional monthly data from Lee…

For October we used 267 GB of data on our AT&T unlimited plan, across all of our devices. (Total for the year is 39.597 terrabytes)

We took 5,178 pictures, bringing our total for the year to 13,032.

This month 100% of our nights were spent in only four places, because although we are traveling, all of our travel is short hops, which is a new way for us to travel, so we’re not staying anywhere just overnight, but for at least a week at each stop. 

The least expensive was also our favorite of the four, Smokey Bottom RV Park, at $30 per night for a HUGE back in site with 50 amp power, and water and sewer. 
The most expensive was the West Virginia State Fairgrounds at $47 per night for 50 amp, water and sewer.  

The total cost for our “rent” was $1159.22, which averaged out to $37.40, a 25% increase over last year. Not only that, our choices were severely limited. Most places were completely booked up and we took the places we did because they were the only places we could find. We sort of expected it to be like this because that’s just how the East is, but it’s still maddening.

We put a total of 588 miles on the trailer, pulling it for only three travel days! Our shortest travel day was only 124.7 miles, and our longest was 278.9 miles. Our total travel miles year to date is 4,916.

We put a total (travel and non-travel) of 2,775 miles on the truck over 71 hours of engine time, with a year to date of 11,325 miles on the truck.

Year to date we’ve traveled 11,325 miles, 4,916 of which was pulling the trailer, with year to date engine hours of 396 hrs, 35 mins, 33 secs.

We burned a total of 199.7 gallons of diesel, and averaged 13.6 mpg for all of our travel, with a year to date total of 1185 gallons at 11.9 avg mpg.

We used the TSD Logistics card only once this month. Even though the price at truck stops for diesel using that card is often cheaper than regular gas stations, we just were never anywhere near a truck stop the entire month, except for once while driving. We did so little travel that we just never passed any truck stops.

On that one visit, we saved $12.72, which was 17% over the “street price”. The TSD Logistics card continues to amaze me and I am thrilled we have it.

If you haven’t already read about the TSD Logistics card, you can read our post about it here.

Here’s our travel map for September…

and our year to date travel map…


Until next month, here’s a shot of Smilin’ Jack The King Of The Pirate Puppers.



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