Blackwater Falls, Seneca Rocks & Spruce Knob

We have been super lucky on weekend weather, but this Saturday it was overcast.  Thankfully the rain held off for most of the day, but it was kind of a bummer that I couldn’t really capture all the gorgeous foliage.  We love the West, but nothing beats an east coast fall, and West Virginia mountain foliage was absolutely gorgeous.

Our first stop was Blackwater Falls and It was a lovely waterfall.  There is a nice wooden walkway that wanders through the woods and the views were amazing.  It was a little crowded for my taste (a downfall of visiting places on weekends), but super glad we went.

Beautiful walk way


It curved around huge rocks


The magic of Photoshop allowed us to get this pic and take Lee out of it. He was standing to the left holding a treat.



First platform


I loved loved this picture


Lots of folks we weaved our way through


If you look at the top middle of the rocks you see a guy who walked out to the edge. This will give you some scale.




Next we drove down into the Dolly Sods Wilderness.  There is an amazing viewpoint up a gravel road, but it was too rough for me that day.  Plus with the overcast skies I didn’t think it was worth it, so we just took some pictures from the bottom.


The road to get to Dolly Sods was paved



Gorgeous 360 views from a bridge.



Next we headed to Spruce Knob (the highest point in West Virginia) and along the way we stopped for lunch and saw Seneca Rocks.  These rocks are super popular with climbers and kind of interesting, but for those of us who have been out west just so-so.  The area was packed though and they were doing a good business.  One benefit of traveling on Saturdays is places were open.  Our neighbors in the RV park said the restaurants were closed when they went during the week.


Seneca Rocks



Had a so-so sandwich at the deli, but it did the trick.

Finally we made it to Spruce Knob and we drove to the top.  There is a half mile walk with an overlook tower, plus a nice point you can walk out to.  Definitely wear your hiking boots because the terrain to get to the point is really rough.














Got some awesome Jack pictures


The valley was beautiful sorry I couldn’t capture it with the fog


This was what we had to walk down to get to the point.






Of course we would never let Jack off leash, Lee just likes to remove the leash using Photoshop because it makes for better pictures.


Lee’s pic


It was a lovely day despite the weather and we got back right when the rain started.  It rained for the next three days so I am grateful we got some sightseeing in at all.  Next up more information about our traveling as we head to Maryland.


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3 thoughts on “Blackwater Falls, Seneca Rocks & Spruce Knob

  1. Gorgeous! Now I am wishing I didn’t get a plane ticket to see Harrison in NC – if I drove, there’d be lots to see on the way! I love that when we have the time, I can go back to your blog and make a list of the places I want to see! Greenbrier looked so great – I looked at rates…lol…yikes!
    Enjoy – and many kisses to sweet Jack!

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