Minnesota Odds and Ends

Whenever we spend a long time in a place I always seem to end up with some pictures that I can’t fit into a regular post.  Here they are from our five week visit with Kat & Adrian.  We enjoyed spending so much time in her area and walked away with a new appreciation for the city. Personally I have never been to a large city with so many parks and green spaces and although big city life is not for me I can definitely see why she finds it so appealing. Since we have found a good campground to stay in the future we definitely will be spending more time there.  Here’s my random pics.

Jack got very shaggy while we were there


So we splurged and got a professional haircut. They did a great job.


Every Thursday Farmington had a really fantastic farmers market. It was right around the corner from us and I got some great vegetables, bacon flavored honey, and homemade cream soda.


I have a spreadsheet with restaurants I wants to try from Top Chef, Grill Dads, and other cooking shows but most are in large cities. We were thrilled that the Mason Jar was close to us and had excellent protcols in place


Eating at 5pm on a weekday didn’t hurt either. every table had an extra table no one sat at that they put the food on. Really cool process.


We went for the deconstructed chicken pot pie. The puff pastry is on top and its delicious.  My one recommendation would be to get it without cheese.  That was a bit overpowering.


We also had Vietnamese which is one of my favorites and it was pretty good. I found the fortune cookie fortune to be very topical.


Kat and I celebrated our birthdays with Mother/Daughter crab legs lunch at Red Lobster. Yummy!


Another great picture of Kat. Love her hair. She is very adventurous with color which I admire about her.


And a picture of her and her partner Adrian. Glad we got to know him a little better. We’re looking forward to visiting with them more often.


I found some Popsicle makers at the Dollar store and made Lee low calorie pudding pops which he loved.


We also rediscovered Aldi which was one of our favorite stores when the kids were young. They are very popular in Minnesota and we bought some great things there for reasonable prices.


I also found a new thrift store called Savers. Originally I thought this was a low price grocery store like in the west but they are huge thrift stores. Their prices are on the higher side but they have great selections, plus 40% off for 55 and older on Thursdays.  Can’t wait till next time we visit since I am turning 55 next year!!

Not every roadside attraction is great. Lee learned about these pies made by a local church and was so excited. You go to the door and ring and buy one. Unfortunately although it looked great it tasted pretty blank and not so good. What a bummer.

Finally I wanted to share with you a few pictures of Murphy.  We met a solo full timer (Matt) and his lovely golden retriever Murphy.  What a beautiful boy and Jack just adored him.  They would play almost every day and Murphy was super careful to never hurt him.  Matt, a photographer, was also nice to talk to and we were all super sad when we had to say goodbye to them.  Jack pouted for several days.


Jack was always jumping up and licking Murphy’s teeth which he was very tolerant of.


Even got some video!




Next up we headed to Columbus and spent Labor Day weekend with my dad.  Catching up on my posts, so look for that one soon.


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