Plans Change, Change Again, And Reader Question

Hitch itch is definitely a real thing.  It’s that feeling us travelers get when we are stuck in one place for too long.  But in today’s environment it feels selfish, if not outright dangerous, not to think carefully before we change locations.  Initially our plans were to head to Charleston for our grandson’s birthday party, but unfortunately South Carolina is in a full Covid tailspin right now, and both of his parents work in the restaurant industry.  Then we talked about going to see our daughter in Minneapolis and even scored a hard to get site at a nearby campground.  Unfortunately despite more rigorous restrictions there the kids both work in restaurants as well and again after long discussions with them they felt it was too dangerous.

That left us unsure what to do.  We could stay in Texas, but as temperatures are 106 well before noon at this writing, we really wanted to find a place somewhere north.  After much discussion, we thought Lee could look for a seasonal job which would provide us a place to stay and a new area to explore.  We have never looked for a job mid season and weren’t exactly sure what we would find.  Thankfully there are always opportunities, and within five hours Lee had found a job, had the interview, and was made an offer.  We are both excited because the job does not involve working with the general public and is in a small town in Minnesota.  It is three hours away from my daughter so if things do calm down we will be able to see them.

I was worried about what opportunities we would have given the state of things, but am pleased to report there are always jobs out there.  This one even pays well, and has the opportunity for overtime.  Perfect really for what we need.  Which leads me to answering a question that a reader asked.  We love answering reader questions by the way, and you can feel free to email us at anytime.  Here’s the question:

If you two were starting now or for anyone who is starting in 2021 based off the knowledge you have:
Would it be better to wait?  Personally I would wait.  There is a ton of change associated with the first six months of the lifestyle and I don’t think I would want to throw a COVID world into that.  I tend to be risk averse though.  I imagine Lee feels differently – Trace. 
I think it depends on your primary motivation; in general I don’t think other people are the best barometer of what makes ME happy. But if it were me, I don’t think I would wait. I think the virus is coloring things a little, so if you want to wait a few months and see if things get better, then do that. – Lee
Would it scare you too much?  Absolutely.  It was a huge leap for me.  Again I am sure Lee feels differently. – Trace
Nope. I tend to figure out the things that I am worried/scared about and then address them. If I can’t address them, then I try to minimize them. I am extremely risk averse, as well, but I also know that nothing ever happens without eventually taking that first leap. – Lee
Are jobs still there and are they just as good today? Thankfully yes.  I actually think they are better.  As the baby boomers get older many are leaving the lifestyle which opens up more job opportunities.  The pay is better and the environment is changing for the better imho.  – Trace
There are ALWAYS jobs. Every day I get 5-10 emails from Work Kamper News  from places that have immediate openings. Someone either never showed up, or they came and left. There are more camphosting jobs than anything else, but the other stuff is out there. – Lee
“Anything” you and Lee can offer I would value. I would never want to discourage anyone from the lifestyle, but timing does matter.  If you are in a situation to hold tight until there is a vaccine that would be my choice.  The other situattion that would have worked for me was if I was going into a long term work kamping situation.  That would give you time to settle into living in an RV and keep you in one location for awhile. – Trace  
Hoo boy, “anything” is a big word, and the spaces between the letters are infinite. If I could go back to me in 2014 I would tell myself a few things: don’t skip over something because you might get to it later. That usually doesn’t happen. So take every opportunity. I would also tell myself to try and leave as much baggage behind as I could, and get rid of as much I could as I went along. Wherever you go, there you are. – Lee
Hope this helps and take care.


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4 thoughts on “Plans Change, Change Again, And Reader Question

  1. Delighted to hear that you will be headed to MN but as I am sure your daughter has told you, we aren’t doing all that great in wearing masks and socially distancing. Do you mind if I ask you which direction from Mpls you will be working? If you really want to be in God’s country, the area north of Duluth is fabulous and cool. I do know that lots of resort owners are desperate for help as the workers they have used in the past cannot get visas. I would think folks like you and Lee would be a dream come true for them. Also likely to have a spot for your rig, which is hard to find on the North shore these days.
    Good luck with your travels. So sorry you will not be able to be with your family in Charleston. Thank goodness for FaceTime and Skype. No family visits for us since Christmas. Very sad.

  2. ohhh, the baggage to leave behind…. separation anxiety is a killer. LOL You really have to develop a new mindset, One the does not place value on things. Things can be replaced. That being said, talk is cheap and I’m still struggling with it. LOL. Sadly we all have become conditioned to believe this or that thing will bring you happiness. It is, of course, a big lie and hard to erase from the programming brought on by 60+ years of conditioning.

  3. Finally catching up with your blog! Sorry you had so many instances of no mask wearing. Wish I could say they were isolated and rate, but you know when I’m lying. Just stay as far away as you can. Stay safe!

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