May 2020 Budget

The only good thing about Covid is it has been very good for our bank account.  Now that furlough is over and I am back on full pay we are socking money away, which is really great.  I have also been buying lots of presents for people which makes me happy.  That was one thing I really missed when we were on a super tight budget and its lovely being able to do that again.  This month we spent $3489.  Details are below.

















Clothing – I needed some short sleeve polo shirts to wear for work so I was ready for impromptu video calls and even though I found a great deal for $14 each it did add up.

Dining Out – I am actually surprised that we spent this much since we are only doing carryout on occasion.  We do get sick of our own cooking though and occasionally you just want McDonalds.

Groceries – We went over by $100 this month.  Since one of the few things we can do is eat well, part of this is entertainment 🙂

Gifts – Ok really splurged here but again totally worth it.  Buying stuff for other people has given me hours of enjoyment and again since we can do little else, there are worse things to spend money on.

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