First Time Replacing Bedroom Carpet

The third thing that Lee did in the renovation was replace the bedroom carpet.  Originally I had said we could skip it because it saw little use, but Lee wanted to do it all.  That’s how he does things, throws his whole heart into them, and since the remnant piece was just big enough I thought why not.

The only downside was Lee had to take the bed apart and he wasn’t sure he could get it done in one day.  That meant we would have to sleep on an air mattress and originally Lee thought he would wait until I was out of town to get it done.  I was scheduled to leave for work for a training class, but that was cancelled due to Covid-19 (more on that in an upcoming post.  So Lee committed to getting it all done in one day and once again I largely stayed out of his way.  I’ve gotten pretty good at that!

(First step was to remove everything from the room, it’s very tight in there and not really enough room to maneuver carpet around if there’s ANYTHING else in there. While I was emptying out the rear under-bed storage, I noticed that for some reason they didn’t fully carpet underneath it in the slide box, which was weird. But there was also a 12v power line for the slide box lights that I had to cut in order to remove the bed box. – Lee) 



(I also got to see for the first time what held the bed box to the slide. The top 1/3rd of the bed sits inside the slide box, and the rest sits in the room. So when the slide goes in or out, the bottom 2/ – Lee) 3rds of the bed just sort of gets dragged with it. That told me that the bed was attached only to the slide, and that the other part was likely on rollers, but I wasn’t sure where or how the bed box was attached to the slide. It turned out to just be a couple of screws on each side and across the back. – Lee)


(The next issue was the lid to the larger under-bed storage. That has 2 70lb gas lifts on it so that it can be lifted easily with the mattress on it, but that also meant that as soon as the mattress was off it was spring up and be almost impossible to close again. So with the mattress on and just pushed a little to the side, I screwed down the lid. – Lee)





First Lee and I moved the mattress out


Thankfully it fit in our kitchen although refrigerator access was tricky!


Then he pulled up the base and thankfully Bill was able to help him move that. I think I would have had trouble.


They moved the table

And then brought it in




Once the room was empty he was able to pull up all of the old carpet.




Nest Lee removed the carpet.  Getting it off the slide was tough.

It helps to have a completely empty space because padding is bulky and hard to maneuver.

He put down the new padding


And the padding


And the new carpet

It was hot in the small space and Lee had the AC cranked


Once again the air gun and compressor came in handy


Lee decided he wanted to carpet the hallway


Which was challenging


The remnant piece wasn’t quite wide enough so a tiny bit of patching was called for.


The slide was also pretty tough

One of the problems was that in some places the new thicker pile carpet made things too tight where the original wood had been cut and fitted for a thinner carpet to wrap around, in particular the false front edge of the closet slide. It hangs down to conceal the wires and hoses for the washer and dryer, and when the slide is put out, it also acts as a “sweep”, keeping the wires and hoses in line. With the new carpet the piece hing down too low so had to be removed and trimmed so it wouldn’t bind the slide. That took hours to correct.



Looked great when done though


One last thing Lee took this opportunity to fix the mirrored slide.  He needed to raise it so worked on that as well.  We discovered that they no longer make the mirrored version but they do have a wooden version with the same specs and we may replace the entire thing in the future because it has not held up well.

Next up living room slide and other odds and ends!


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