We Finally Escaped!!

For Lee’s 50th birthday,  we tried an escape room for the first time and absolutely loved it.  We didn’t complete it in time (we were very close), but we had a blast, and left the experience with the vague idea we would try more of them as we traveled the country.  Life unfortunately got in the way, but we were really excited when we had a chance to go with Cori, Greg, Bill, and Kelly. Before going we decide to go to dinner and went to Fork and Spoon.  The food was good and the company was great.  Well fortified, we headed to the escape room.

From left: Bill, me, Lee, Cori, Greg, and Kelly


Bill suggested I try this beer and I absolutely loved it. Lots of German roots in New Braunfels so most restaurants have great beers.


The Escape Haus. Even their escape rooms are German!


This sign on the door cracked me up


They had a cool game area inside while we were waiting on our room to be prepared.


One thing that was a little different was they actually had a young woman in the room with us.  She was really nice, but I wondered how hard it would be to watch people struggle and not give them the answers.  I would have a hard time with that 🙂  The theme of our room was backstage at the magic show.  Right up Lee’s alley!


Picture taken before we started.

One of my favorite parts about being in an Escape Room is what you learn about the dynamics between people.  With the six of us it was super easy.  We immediately broke off into small groups and the divide and conquer strategy worked very well.  We also changed groups as needed seamlessly.  I worked on a map puzzle for awhile with Greg, on other puzzles with Cori and Kelly, and assisted Lee and Bill.  There was no division by sex or any criteria other than who was good at certain types of puzzles.  I absolutely loved that.  Things did get a tad tense when we were down to four minutes, but Cori kept everyone calm, repeatedly saying “we have this”.  We finished with 19 seconds (!!!) to spare and it felt really great.  Definitely want to do it again and completely recommend it for any group of friends of almost any size.

Hooray we made it with 19 seconds to spare!


Then we got to dress up and take a picture. Bill got into the spirit of things!


The next day we had more fun when our fellow dreamer Mikki came to visit.  She is on a break from gate guarding in the area and I absolutely loved seeing her. Cori had never gotten to meet her so it was fun introducing them. We actually had lunch with her and her husband a while back, and it was at the same Fork and Spoon we ate dinner at before the escape room!


Mikki and Cori.


My buddy Mikki!

Despite my looking chunky in the above picture I am happy to say I finally broke the 150# weight mark.  I was stuck on 151 for what seemed like forever, but the weekly Zumba classes Kelly and I are taking really helped.  I am still trying to stick to 1500 calories a day, but I have loosened up a little bit.  My goal is to lose another 10 pounds and then see where I am at.  I don’t see myself stopping calorie counting though anytime in the near future.


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