First Time on Edisto Island

Generally I plan our little adventures, but once in a while Lee does some research and surprises me with something really unusual that he finds.  In those cases I just go with it because I like to be surprised.  So when he said let’s go to Edisto Island I wasn’t sure what we were seeing but I was very sure it would be fun.  It was New Year’s Eve and  I was off so it was nice to be able to do something during the week and beat the weekend crowds.

We were headed to a place called Botany Bay, and all I could think of was the Star Trek episode lol.  The road was pretty rough to get to the location but had a gorgeous series of oaks over the tree.  Since no one was on the road we stopped and took some pictures and video.  Lee had forgotten his tripod but I had some inspiration and used the truck to hold the camera which worked perfectly.

Absolutely gorgeous


Check out my idea!

The road was pretty wet in one section and it was a bit of a bumpy ride but we made it through and finally got to the gate only to find it was closed on Tuesdays for hunting.  Lee was super bummed because he had missed the fine print on the website and I felt really bad for him. Since we were there though I said we should check out the town and its beach.


The beach was nice but it was a typical beachfront community with nothing really special to see.

We decided to head out and I saw a sign for a Natural Wildlife Refuge.  We decided to drive in and check it out and were pleasantly surprised that it was actually a plantation that was taken over by fish and wildlife.

Most of the trails were closed for the winter, but we got to see the house and the absolutely gorgeous oak trees.  I adore the moss in the trees and since there were only a few couples there we had the place mostly to ourselves. It was nice and peaceful, I just wish we had brought Jack because it is also pet friendly.  Let me show you the pictures.



Loved the house.

And you could sit on the rocking chairs on the porch and look out which was nice

That went up three stories

We mainly walked among the oaks and took a ton of pictures, but it was nice and peaceful and I really enjoyed myself.  Plus free.  Free is always good.

Looking up was just beautiful

The wind was blowing, the moss was swaying, and the sun was shining 🙂

My favorite picture of the day. I was standing when I took this.

Lee’s pic

Every tree had its own distinct character. If you are a tree lover you know what I mean.

Lee’s pic its a beauty

The blooming flowers were a nice touch

It was a really nice surprise and I was so glad we salvaged the day.  By then I was starving and the only place even close was called The Roxbury Mercantile,  The Yelp reviews were good so we decided to give it a try and what an unexpected treasure.  The food was fantastic and reasonably priced and I had the best local shrimp since I have been here.  Delicious!

The shrimp was lightly fried and amazing. I ate just a bit of the mac and cheese and lots of the slaw which was also very good. Didn’t blow my calories for the day and had a great meal!!

Lee had the crabcakes which he loved.

Since it looked like Botany Bay was open the next day we decided we would come back.  It’s an hour drive each way from where we are staying but we both thought it would be worth it.  Plus we were opening New Years Day wouldn’t be that busy.


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