The Eulogy

Earlier this week we lost our nephew who has been battling with mental illness.  Somehow my sister found the strength to stand up in a church that was packed with people and give this eulogy.  She has given us permission to share this message in the hopes that it will help others and end the mental illness stigma.  Words cannot express how much I love her and her family and how proud I am that in their moment of tragedy they thought of others.  Please send them prayers and good thoughts as the try to heal.







7 thoughts on “The Eulogy

  1. Your sisters words have left me sobbing….for her wisdom, strength, and heartbreak…what a remarkable woman she must be, and I am honored that you shared a bit of her by posting this very personal, and loving eulogy.

  2. Oh my, Tracy. This is so powerful and a testament to the grace of God which, even in tremendous suffering, can be seen in the hidden darkness. Thank you and may His grace continue to embrace your family in its healing. Liz

  3. Tracy, I just realized that your header image, of Lee standing at the rim of Bryce Canyon, offers a loving witness to your nephew Bryce’s life – beautiful, mysterious, and deep. Very moving. Thank you and blessings.

  4. Please know that we are thinking of all your family in this time of sadness. Your sister’s words were amazing and touching! It is time for people to understand that people suffering with mental illness must be able to receive quality of care and loving kindness from all of society. Thanks to your sister for sharing Bryce’s story!!

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